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Stopping racism
Stopping racism
Racism is generally understood as either belief that different racial groups are characterized by intrinsic characteristics or abilities and that some such groups are therefore naturally superior to others or as practices that discriminate against members of particular racial groups. | Photo: | Hate, Racism, Bigotry, Equality, Justice, Discrimination,

You're Probably not a Supporter

"Public order and private security ask only that possession shall be protected. Why has the law created property? Prescription was simply security for the future; why has the law made it a matter of privilege?"
- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Most people pride themselves on being equality minded, our country prides itself on the freedom of equality found throughout the land, although that is highly debatable. Even so, most people, especially most if not all politicians who speak of equality, have zero idea of the concept they are preaching.

First let's examine the basic definition of equality, which simply put, means the ability for all people to have the same opportunities, but not necessarily identical opportunities.

If we accept that as the definition of equality, how can all these people who have denied opportunity be championing equality?

For instance, the United States champion's equality in rhetoric, yet in action the U.S. government currently hoards millions of acres of land, preventing all other citizens the opportunity to it, how is that equality?

In fact, if you "own" property, your actions immediately place you in direct opposition to equality, for if you claim the land as your own, you are preventing all other life forms the opportunity of using it, thus reducing opportunities to everyone but yourself.

What of the man who owns the means of production over numerous laborers, is he too for equality? How can he be, when he simultaneously robs those laborers of the opportunity to reap the long-term and cumulative rewards of their labor by claiming ownership over the products they produced? How is that equality?

The simple reality is inequality reigns supreme here in America and throughout most of the world, observably so.

Many will rally to fight against this inequality, former President Bill Clinton recently has gone full-steam ahead fighting for "equality" in a recent speech. I'm sure many "populous" lefties will look to create nifty pieces of legislation (e.g. raising the minimum wage) that will supposedly increase opportunities, without ever tackling the main inhibitor of said opportunities ' private property ownership.

Some will read that and take offense, after all property is a "right", which it obviously is not, but these folks sold to the idea that it is, nothing will convince them otherwise, and yet they will still proclaim their advocacy for equality.

Humans are temporary, how can you own something when you are temporary? You can possess something, as in my car or house, that is my personal possession, but you can never truly own something, especially after death; and especially not the earth, the same earth that is available to all living organisms, not just humans.

The mere thought that one can own a piece of land is just as ridiculous as the thought that one could own the rays of sun that give birth to everything, or own the oceans and waterways all of life depends on, or the air we all collectively use to survive.

If we were to own such things, the inequality of such actions instantly become clearly visible, but once someone brings the same sound logic to private property rights, all hell breaks loose ' generational conditioning is a bitch to break away from.

But what are your other options if you truly support equality? Can you still advocate for a concept you actively contradict? Most of us own property of various types, myself included, but isn't there a better way, a way that perhaps would not lead to vast inequalities throughout our populace, inequalities for the large part based on private property ownership?

If we take it a step further, the ridiculous notion of private property has literally destroyed our planet, and has murdered millions upon millions of other life forms through the beef, poultry, and fishing industries, and through industrial deforestation, deep ocean oil drilling, and other activities solely based on property ownership ' who gave humans the right to earth over all other life forms, and who gave those few humans who "own" this private property, being destroyed, the right to destroy our collective property?

If we didn't have private property do you think we would have ghettos? Do you think thousands of people would live in dilapidated buildings, without land to grow food or to work to sustain themselves from? Is this the type of thing you also champion when you champion private property?

And if it is, tell me again how much you believe in equality?

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