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Aiden Chase

Aiden Chase
Aiden Chase
I am Aiden Chase, a third generation healer and intuitive. I believe in light and love. In addition to my healing and intuitive abilities, my psychic gifts include clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling). | Photo: | Aiden Chase, Psychic, Ghost, Spirit,

Who is the secret intuitive known as the Hollywood Healer?

Where do the top level Hollywood honchos and stars go to discover the truth of who they really are and finding their best path to follow their dreams? Who do your favorite stars invite to host their exquisite retreat in the South of France?

"Hollywood's Healer Hosts the 7 Senses Retreat at Bravo Star Kathryn Ireland's South of France chateau September 14-20, 2013"
Aiden Chase is the hush-hush healer-intuitive that is known as the Hollywood Healer. He works with writers, actors, producers, directors and corporate power brokers and even manages some careers. He infuses light and love into people's projects, therefore bringing light into the world.

As a third generation healer, Chase discovered his soul's purpose at a young age. His ancestors had the gift and it was passed on through his family. Before doctors and modern medicine, healers have always been performing through rituals and energetic healing. His goal is to help people integrate their mind/body/spirit. He targets the energetic blocks that keep us from expanding into our full potential. Many of us may be out of balance in one area and highly developed in another. Others are experiencing crises or changes that seem like chaos or failure but are instead, new directions that are being guided by our soul.

At the start of a new year, we always seem have a positive attitude and many of us write a list of new year's resolutions. Have you noticed that year after year you have the same list? If you glaze over the cover stories from the popular magazines at the checkout stand, they always seem to appeal to things that are on our list. Perhaps losing those last ten pounds, creating more financial abundance, becoming more grateful for the things we do have, being more true to yourself, becoming more disciplined, on and on. Yet some of us keep repeating the same patterns over and over again, never fulfilling our goals or destiny. Sometimes we need the help of a visionary to assist us in breaking down the barriers to living our best life now.

Embracing change is exciting and sometimes scary. It is rare to find someone who seems to know you from the inside out and looks beyond your facade that you have developed to make it the world. It is a precious gift to have someone who sees into your soul. Aiden Chase is someone who can deliver this message to you.

"I believe when we're born we have a mission to accomplish. It's really lessons or things we need to learn in this lifetime. I feel that it is pre-determined before we're born. This lifetime is about accomplishing a specific lesson, it may be a need to learn about love or a need to know about work. The task is learning to clear the way to make things happen for yourself. It grows and changes as you grow and change. We have the free will to edit."
"There are basic lessons that we all see. For example we can see people who have the same issue over and over and over. Either they get it and move on or they don't. My goal is to help people figure this out so they can move on to the new lessons, and experience happier times, a happier life, more bounties." Chase discovered he was born an energy healer. After a personal health crises, he learned how to heal himself and realized he could also help others. He guides his clients to watch for the signs and symbols that we often miss. When we are so focused, we miss them all day long. Clues, like a light flashing in front of us, or something can fall off the wall or even a street sign may be a message to make a new choice or help us to take the next step. You will learn to discover synchronicities along the way, so you have to pay attention to the moment.

Chase channels and transfers healing energy. He is also clairvoyant, clairesentient, clairaudient. Part of his work is about psychic guidance or life guidance. He helps people on their path to find the easiest, the smoothest, most fun and most bountiful way to get to their beautiful vision of their future. When we're on the right path, everything flows and heals. When we get clear and remove the blocks, life brings forth what is truly authentic and what we really want.

While in a session, Chase will immediately ask you about what's happening right now in your life and do a reading from that vantage point. When you are in a personal crises, it is very helpful for someone with special gifts to assist you in understanding the whole picture, beyond the chaos. His ability is to go beyond the now, see the future progression of a specific challenge and help you understand the meaning. Sometimes it feels as if everything is falling apart, and Chase will explain that it is opening up the space for a new beginning. When you think you are about to fall off a cliff, he may encourage you to jump and see how the universe is supporting you! If you try it, it is quite amazing to let go of the fear that immobilizes you and transmute it into excitement, while discovering a new path or direction. Taking a leap of faith may turn out to be a blessing, and you can discover how powerful you are in the process.

The best part of the session is when you lie on the healing table and get to experience his healing energetic gifts. Chase's energy is very powerful! You lie down and feel very safe and comfortable, he surrounds you with love and plays intense classical music. When he removes your blocks, you can feel lighter and more alive. After a complete session you will become uplifted and inspired and free of the negative energies that you may be holding onto.

Here are a few clients who have experienced the healing energies of Aiden Chase:

"Aiden is a gifted, intelligent and compassionate healer whose guidance can bring clarity, vision and purpose to pivotal personal and business decisions."
Michael H. Cohen, Esq.
Professor of Health & Law Policy, Harvard University School of Public Health - Cambridge, Ma.

"Aiden Chase is one of the most bright & positive individuals I have met. He has the ability to deeply listen to a person, and penetrate into what is really going on with them in a very compassionate way, so you feel he is there for you and your success. When he does his healing, many other dimensions enter the picture to help support you in clearing what needs to be cleared, and illuminating what is ready to be seen. It was a great experience to get a healing from Aiden and I feel blessed to know him."
Tej Khalsa - Los Angeles, Ca.

Check out his website for a healing session or his line of Energy Alchemy including Bracelets made of healing semi-precious stones. He also works with Energy Alchemy Mists, such as Clear and Calm which is Amethyst and Clary Sage Aromatherapy Spray to Clear, Calm, Ground and Protect! Or Pure Love, Rose Quartz and Rose Aromatherapy Spray for feeling Pure Love!

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