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Joe Biden and Barack Obama
Joe Biden and Barack Obama
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Productive government bringing mysery to America.

When do we say "Enough!"?

This is a good question, in light of the fact that Congress just passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill, spending even more money we don't have on things that we don't need. It truly was quite surprising watching the rapidity with which the GOP cratered on this most conservatives, seeing inside-the-beltway progressive RINOs push their big-government agenda isn't too much of a surprise, we've just gotten used to seeing the GOP leadership putting up some token resistance for show. I will give them some credit, though - nobody in Congress actually read the bill before voting on it. Reading legislation is so old fashioned, after all, and it might have made them have to own-up to knowingly passing a really, really bad bill. This way, at least they can plead ignorance.

Meanwhile, Democrats are celebrating the end of the evil "sequester." Sequestration was like removing a piece of dust from a Giant Sequoia tree, but to hear the Democrats talk, you'd think the GOP was bringing the whole forest down. Never mind the fact that thanks to them and their policies, our entire economy is standing on a house of cards - ready to come crashing down at any moment.

I felt a perverse satisfaction reading the AP story about the most recent jobs report - not that I'm happy about the news, it was just nice to see some major media outlets finally reporting the truth about the government's fake unemployment rate. For years now, actual job growth has barely been keeping pace with population growth - in many months during that span, it hasn't kept up at all. The only reason that the government-reported unemployment rate keeps going down is because the government doesn't count people who have stopped looking for work. Labor participation is at an all time low. Maybe that has something to do with the extension in unemployment benefits that the Democrats told us we just had to have, and the Republicans caved, because they fear nasty Washington finger pointing more than anything else on planet Earth. Congress has carried over their "emergency" unemployment benefits extensions for five years now, and it has never had the effect that Democrats are telling us it will have. Of course, the Democrats have never been ones to let facts get in the way of a good crisis. Too bad for the rest of America that their plan still doesn't work.

The government's unemployment rate truly does exemplify the absurdity of inside-the-beltway political thought. I mean, if every working American were to quit their job tomorrow, and every American were to announce that they were no longer looking for a job, no one would be employed, but the unemployment rate would drop to 0%. Does that seem right to you?

But good news: Democrats and Republicans are finally working together. Thanks to them, billions of dollars of our money will be wasted on stupid pork projects (under the guise of "economic stimulus, I'm sure). At least Head Start is getting more money - it's just too bad that studies show that Head Start doesn't actually work. This is what happens when the parties work together: waste, fraud, and abuse. If Congress isn't wasting our money, the Left accuses them of being "unproductive," so I guess you can say that 2014 is already a banner year.

Word has it that President Obama is getting ready to announce another pivot back to jobs again. I seem to remember hearing that exact same thing just a few months ago, yet his last pivot didn't seem to do any good. Every time he pivots back to jobs, he promises a laser-like focus on job creation, yet the news is always the same: hardly any jobs created, and labor participation continues to go down. I can only assume that the president is being haunted by the ghost of Steve Jobs, who follows him around incessantly. He always has to pivot around to Jobs to tell him to go away and leave him alone. Given his record on actual jobs, that's really the only "pivot to jobs" story that makes any sense.

Thanks to Chris Christie's bridge, hardly anyone seems to be talking about Obamacare anymore - not that the program has gotten any better; it's still the biggest failure since Prohibition...which, by the way, was a Constitutional amendment fully passed and ratified. But it was a bad idea, so it was eventually repealed. This is a concept that Democrats apparently cannot comprehend: it doesn't matter if a law is passed by Congress, signed by the President, and affirmed by the Supreme Court, it can still be repealed, especially if it's a bad idea. Back in the day, slavery was affirmed by the Supreme Court, but that didn't make slavery okay, or mean that it could never be changed. But according to the Left, we may end up having to fight another civil war just to keep them from ruining America's healthcare system.

But thanks to Obamacare, we will continue to see insurance rates go least, the middle class will. This is a law, after all, that was designed to target middle class America. Think about it: the rich aren't going to feel the sting of rising insurance rates - they might feel it some, but it won't effect them nearly as much. The poor won't be bothered too much by it - they're the ones getting subsidies. That leaves the middle class to bear the brunt of the pain - more money to insurance premiums, less money for everything else. Obamacare will bail out insurers if they lose money on the deal, but where's the bailout for middle class Americans when we can't pay our bills thanks to this disaster?

Despite all of the rules and mandates and regulations, when the whole thing comes crashing down on our heads, the Democrats will be right there, telling us it was a failure of the free market, and that we must accept total government control of the healthcare system.

Want to find out how good you really have it? Identify a problem, and ask a Democrat to fix it for you. You'll be begging for the old days in no time flat.

For six or seven years now, we've been subjected to a government that never stops wasting money. Over the past five years, we've seen the Executive Branch selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, illegally using the IRS to target their political enemies, ignoring a terrorist attack on a U.S. ambassador and then lying about the reason for the attack, refusing to enforce U.S. immigration laws and then prosecuting states when they do, using unconstitutional means to modify laws passed by Congress, illegally bypassing congressional oversight to make cabinet appointments, never firing a single official for their gross misdeeds, and the President of the United States himself threatening again and again to sign unconstitutional executive orders if Congress fails to act on the latest Washington-manufactured crisis.

"Enough" is what we should be telling the progressive Left when the only things they'll celebrate are more government waste and a president who is more willing to negotiate with the Hitler wannabes in Iran than he is with Americans who disagree with his policies.

If this is what we have to look forward to when the parties start working together, I'd like my gridlock back, please...and throw in a side-order of partisanship, while you're at it.

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