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Marisa Moris
Marisa Moris
Hi my name is Marisa and my reason for creating this site is to educate people out there that have a passion to learn or are just curious about what it is that Spiritual Intuitives, Mediums and Healers do... | Photo: | Marisa Moris, Spiritual, Healing, Medium,

Your Intuition:healing the mind & body with spirit

As a seeker of wisdom and truth, my passion is connecting with leading edge healing and emerging trends of energetic based modalities. After decades of writing about gifted healers in my columns, there seems to be a trend in the access of new energies on the planet, including the more ancient healing systems such as Reiki.

I was first introduced to Reiki in the early '80's by a woman I met in my sculpture studio. I just moved to Los Angeles (from a more conservative New York lifestyle) and discovered that many people were into all kinds of 'new age' stuff that seemed a bit out of this world to me. When you decide to live in Los Angeles, the When in Rome concept becomes a motto. Now, after thirty years of being indoctrinated into the world beyond conventional wisdom, I have found that most of these healing modalities make sense, especially since they are based upon ancient eastern philosophies and wisdom. However, stress has become the buzzword for the root of most disease, therefore it makes perfect sense as a complementary, alternative and integrative approach. Many people have had miraculous results while others still raise an eyebrow if you mention this as a credible approach.

"Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy."

With the use of the internet and skype, it is not unusual for a Reiki practitioner to pass on their healing energies over the airwaves and still be effective.

In search of the best of the best in healing, I have recently been led to a younger lady (mid-thirties) who had a near fatal car accident in 2008. During the accident she had an out of body experience and saw herself drowning in her new Mercedes after hitting a fire hydrant. As she saw herself drowning from above the accident, she realized 'this girl's in trouble' and didn't want to come back. Her life was changed forever.

Moris was a successful mortgage broker with a high octane career, financial success and the toys to go with it. After her out of body experience she was told to come back and share her healing gifts and wisdom that she was given. She did not want to come back but was told her work was too important to leave at the time.

Marisa Moris shared her incredible story with me, "I had an out of body experience and watched the accident from above. I met my higher self and my guide while I was out of body. This incident caused me to have a spiritual awakening that led me on a journey where I was guided to my own personal healing path today."

Once I discovered her energetic and lovely presence online, I was lucky to be able to interview her immediately. (She is booked until July 2014 in person but available on Skype.)

Moris has a unique, pure essence without the hype of many others in the field of mystical healing. I was amazed at her vivacious, bubbly effervescence which comes across the skype screen with a magnetic force, and I immediately felt more uplifted and encouraged in our first few minutes.

She has generously demonstrated some of her healing techniques with me. I have been moving through some very challenging times and Moris was able to pick up on the forces around me that have been blocking me from moving forward. It seems that if you are experiencing a life altering challenge and get caught in the undertow of negativity, you end up in a downward spiral that sometimes feels as if you will never get out. It's like a living hell where you are not able to find an anchor to ground yourself, and everything seems to fall apart all around you.

I was temporarily living in a beautiful rock star home, which was on the market and was housesitting for the owner. My energy brought more light into the home and with the smell of home made bread in the oven, fresh flowers and clear feminine energies. the place became more homey for a prospective buyer. However, when the house did not move quickly enough, he decided to use the home as a location for movies. Suffice it to say that the kind of movies that were being shot at the home did not have the best energy and Marisa was the first to pick up on it.

She immediately did a reading for me and said it was absolutely dark and disgusting. While she moved most of the darkness away from me, I felt an immediate release from the pressures and unpleasantness. Yet I had to face the fact that I would be moving out from what once was a very comforting environment, with a spectacular view. I was amazed that she picked up on what was going on in this home. In the first half hour she had me lay down, rest and open up to her powerful intuition. We were doing this remotely (from another town) and I could feel her presence and the release of the darkness.

For the past 6 years Moris has been mastering Reiki, yet she also has unique modalities that she discovered through her guides. After a couple of intense clearing sessions with her, there was a measurable difference in my energy. With exceptional accuracy she is able to clear things that have been blocking me from moving forward. Her gifts surpass most of the people I have experienced.

She has just co-written a book with her father, who is a Christian and at first did not accept her newly founded healing. He was concerned in the beginning that whatever guides she was in touch with may not have been positive energies. When he finally allowed her to work with him, he was astounded by her newly found healing abilities. As a Christian he was against anything that was not allowed by the church. Now he is her biggest supporter. Here is her website.

And a link to her newly published book, Answers: Heaven Speaks
Here's a quick overview of the book:

"Through 100's of hours of channeled recordings a Christian father, Joseph Moris, and his Spiritually Intuitive daughter, Marisa Moris, bring you the answers that they have been given by the "other side" to questions that we have all had at one time or another in our life."

The foundation of this book, Answers; Bridging the gap between Christianity and Spirituality, comes from the hundreds of hours of channelled sessions with the "other side." Marisa resides in Carlsbad and Joseph in Encinitas, both in North Coastal San Diego County, California.

Many of us are going through challenging times and are seeking answers beyond conventional wisdom. We may be in the midst of discovering special gifts and talents that were lying dormant and are now surfacing in this unique time a place in our awakening. If you are seeking answers to questions you have not been able to understand, or healing places inside you that have been stuck or in pain, Maris Moris has the kind of talent and gifts that may be able to access these chords of negativity.

Discover the power of your intuition with the help of a master, so that you can release negative patterns and blocks. Moris will direct you to access your own spirit to heal your mind and body. As a reiki master, she leads classes to help strengthen self-healing as well as assist others on their path to wholeness.

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