Kiev Riots

Kiev Riots
Kiev Riots
An elderly protestor prepares to throw a stone, during clashes with police, in central Kiev, Ukraine, 2014. Protesters erected barricades from charred vehicles and other materials in central Kiev as the sound of stun grenades were heard in the freezing air as police tried to quell anti-government street protests. | Photo: Sergei Grits | Kiev, Ukraine, Riot, Violence, Elderly,

Democracy could Help

Do you think the Ukraine is a Republic using democracy (meaning the majority of citizens support the current regime that abides over them)? Or, do you think, like almost every system of governance I have ever been privy to, the minority rule over the majority?

If you believe, as I do, that most, if not all systems of governance are unjustified, as their authority is never granted by democracy, but enforced at the threat of violence on the orders of a minority, then can the authority used by the Ukrainian and Kievan governments' to kill citizens with snipers be justified?

If it cannot be justified, then what are we witnessing as this very moment in Kiev, which is not unique to just the Ukraine, such unjustified violence against citizens even occurs here in America on a pretty much equivalent scale.

When we see these acts of violence, we see through the veil of "a supposed democracy", and behold a transparent view of an authoritarian government in action, using force to enact "civility and order" in their cities and country.

Unfortunately, it's not their cities or country, it's the cities and country of the people of the Ukraine, not a government composed of greedy people who grant their allegiance to outside foreigners; the true ownership of that society belongs to the actual citizens of the Ukraine and Kiev, the laborers, the professors, the clergy, the entertainers, the farmers and merchants, what do they say about killing citizens by sniper rifles?

If they say it is justified, then the current government can stay, if they do not come out to signify, by majority, that they are on the government's side, then the government needs to disband while a new system is created. That would be democracy, we will see if it will liberate the people of the Ukraine a bit more, I fear if it does, it will have come at the cost of total chaos and violence first.

We could learn something about democracy from those brave citizens in Kiev, and throughout the world fighting at this moment to achieve it. Perhaps it will help illustrate the biggest difference between their path to democracy and ours.

Although the designers of our system of governance here in America were oligarchs, and not at all in total favor of democracy, enough of them were, and it insured a peaceful path to democracy carved into our Constitution.

We are pissed off!
We are pissed off!

A photo taken by Andriy Kruglashov at the Ukraine protests November 2013 with a banner reading, "Please, understand us! We are pissed off!" which is directed towards Anti-Maidan, paid mob gathering and European square, predominantly consisting of eastern Ukrainians. | Photo: Andriy Kruglashov | Andriy Kruglashov, Ukraine, Chernivtsi, Kiev, Moscow,

To me, that was their greatest gift to every generation of Americans that followed. We don't always realize or appreciate that gift, but we have used it to transform our once chauvinistic and archaic system of governance into something different, better for more people, but obviously not perfect.

Too bad the ambition, intellect of pertinent political issues, drive, and thirst for better governance shown by the brave people of Kiev and the Ukraine did not exist here in our electorate.

It would be great to show the world how to progress peacefully, and share with them what the designers of our system shared with us ' a blueprint to self-governance for all people.

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