Arizona Anti-Gay Law

Kristanna Loken
Kristanna Loken
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A Perfect Example of How We Don't Have Democracy

Arizona, my new home, has done something incredibly stupid, the House of Representatives along with the state Senate voted in a discriminatory law (S.B. 1062), which would allow people to discriminate against people in love.

Not only does typing that make my blood boil, the irresponsible and dangerous standard it is trying to send is chilling.

Since I have not been an Arizonan for very long, I looked around to see if I could find the public vote on passing such a measure (known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act), and it doesn't seem as if this law ever came to a public vote.

How did this "law" get voted through the state Congress without democracy?
I guess it is not that strange, the majority of laws and elections are done without the aid of democracy, a Republic does not require democracy most times.

Which also means laws like S.B. 1062 are completely unjustified and are seeking to use the power of the government (through violent force) to rule over people who most likely want nothing to with such slanted laws; laws designed to make people hate one another, shrink the economy, and distract masses of people from the real issues.

Democracy means by majority choice, and laws like these along with the corrupted legislators putting them into place, usurp democracy, and the people's will for their own.

Discriminating against people, and passing it off as "freedom" is pretty clever, but the funny thing is, society determines if discrimination is really part of freedom, or is part of hatred and the regressive behaviors like violence it spawns.

If our society, as they have already done in great numbers, decides discrimination is not something we will condone, and especially not something we will enact into law, then what is the super-super minority of legislators in the Arizona Congress doing?

Jan Brewer
Jan Brewer

| Jan Brewer, Governors,

Are they attempting to rule without democracy? To dictate their views, even their erroneous fantasy-like religious beliefs, regardless of democratic sentiment upon unsuspecting Arizona citizens? '

Isn't that the furthest place from freedom you can go ' a dictatorship by a handful of religious fundamentalists?

And what happens if a fundamentalist religion buys up all the businesses in Arizona, and requires all Arizonans to kneel at their door and pray to their "god", or be denied service, what will Arizona be like then because of this incredibly stupid law?

Governor Brewer owes it to democracy, and the supposed love she has for freedom, to veto this bill immediately ' making it into law will send a giant signal to the rest of the world, it's okay to discriminate, we aren't all born equal.

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