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John Green
John Green
John Green
John Michael Green, born August 24, 1977, is an American author of young adult fiction and a YouTube video blogger and creator of online educational videos. | John Green, Author, Writer, Blogger, Youtube, Camera, Microphone,

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is the kind of a young adult story that becomes a bestseller and makes you curious about the reasons. At least, that's how it was with me. Best solution? Take the book and go through it. Well, not without any side effects'

The action takes place in Indianapolis, USA in the 21st century. Even though the main characters are teenagers, we aren't forced into the school building once more (bless Mr Green for that). The reader faces up to the everyday of Hazel and Augustus. Dull, grey, filled with sarcasm and death hoovering somewhere above. Sometimes scary. But you can't stop reading until you've reached the last page.

The plot is focused on the subject I would expect least. I am not familiar with books about cancer. Not to mention teenagers ill with cancer. Terminally. This was quite a shocking thing at first, taking into account the way this illness was shown; not as something odd and distant, yet from its victims' point of view, something they have to deal with every day. Somewhere in this sick, unfair world the place for love and sarcasm was found. How I love the combo! I was fearing that a work of art touching such a sensitive subject would be just too careful about it. And here, another surprise! Hardly any sarcastic person I know could equal to ironic characters Augustus and Hazel.

The main characters, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, meet accidentally. Whoever would think that Hazel would have given up on Cancer Kid Support Group a long time before Augustus turned up! Thank God her mother was so persistent in her words. Anyways, their acquaintance is slowly developing' but so is the illness. Grace is very strong, sceptical, often sad in her irony' Simply amazing and worth admiring. She taught me a lesson or two. Her relationship with Augustus, although as different from a regular person's situation as possible, gives food for thought and makes one ask himself most ridiculous questions, including the one about the purpose of life and existence.

John Green's writing style is simply astonishing. He grasps the meaning of many things in a way so beautiful, that one can do nothing but read and ask for more. Snappy, witty and deep in its simplicity. Now I know what's "the bestselling" thing about! If you are a fan of heartwarming words, magical moments, real life showcase and an occasional tear - this is the read for you. Laughter through the tears and the tears through laughter guaranteed, believe me.

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