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British identity

There is plenty of things going on in the world nowadays. Some cases seem strikingly important, other melt in the sea of problems. What antagonizes me is that chasing their desires, people forget who they are and don't fight for the identity, which is gradually fading out. This issue is visible in the United Kingdom, where progressive changes and high immigration rate strongly affect its significant culture. We can read about it in Kerr's article, where he says that "the current British government aims to [...] create a 'shared national identity' "(1). But where is the British spirit in a French patriot?

First of all, in order to preserve nation's culture from being forgotten, the need to get to know the community, history and customs is essential. "There are no benefits of immigration without integration"(2), says Katwala in "The Guardian". However, the mentioned integrity does not exist between native Brits and immigrants. What is more, the UK starts to resemble the cultural mosaic observed in the USA.

One of the country's data that defines it strongest is religion. Everyone knows that the UK, by creating its own church, marked its independence. Already thirteen years ago the BBC News has announced that "many more people now belong to different religions such as Islam"(3). The rates for the Church of England are constantly decreasing. There can be only one conclusion: the UK is losing its religion. Moreover, the sense of identity is going down along with it.

Each nation is supposed to be biased and have set stereotypes about its community. As regards this theory, British men are sophisticated and have a very fanciful sense of humour. Yet, a Turk doesn't get a posh accent when he crosses the English border. A serious Russian won't start cracking jokes in the corner of his mouth as soon as he sits in an Irish pub. OPUS provides us with the statement claiming that "British identity either refocuses on sub cultures or for some, we move towards identifying ourselves as European"(4). Thus, the United Kingdom is going under generalization.

To recap, the factors that would do no harm separately, together can be a poison, slowly killing the beautiful British spirit. Kerr had the point again, saying that "some backgrounds can never be assimilated into one another"(1). The essence of the British identity is on its way to lose itself in the sea of different ethnic minorities. In twenty years time, few might remember about the five-o'clock tea. Yet, it is just a drop in the ocean of unique customs that one may miss sooner than he thinks and there is nothing worse than a nation without a soul.

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