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Fairytale of New York
Fairytale of New York
From author Miranda Dickinson: Are happy-ever-afters made in Manhattan? Find out in my gorgeous debut, perfect for cold winter nights. "Once upon a time an English girl went to New York to live out her very own fairytale..." | Photo: Miranda Dickinson | Link | Fairytale Of New York, Author, Miranda Dickinson,

Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson

My own story connected with "Fairytale of New York" by Miranda Dickinson began, when the book caught my eye on a shelf, pink cute font of the title sparkling over a happy girl. I couldn't just pass by ' I saw something is special about this piece of art. So I bought it and headed home in order to get some hot tea, nestle myself in an armchair and'. Find out that I am in the world of my imagination once more.

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To make a long story short, Rosie Duncan is a young woman who immigrated to the USA from England. She runs her own florist's, Kowalski's, along with "Kowalski's family" ' Ed and Marnie. The owner of the shop, a Polish man, died some time ago and made our main character an owner of the entire business. Still , she gets on very well with the staff. They are a great team. Furthermore, Rosie's best friend is no one but Celia, one of the most influential women in New York, where the whole thing takes place. Just adorable, isn't it? Until things get a little tangled along with Nate stepping inside Rosie's shop. You can only guess why. Some of the further events put Rosie's hope under the big question mark. Can you run away from your biggest fear?...

Speaking of characters ' Miranda's gift for making her imagination's products so easy to be brought to life by a reader is unbelievable. I literally love the writing style of this woman. Thus, hitting the actual point of this little speech ' Rosie is such a warm, hopeful-for-the-future person that you can't help but adore her! She taught me one or two important lessons and has an impact on who I am. (Books can change people, too!)

Now comes the time to take a closer look at the rest of the New York gang. Ed Steinmann intrigued me from the very beginning and even now I keep thinking about his personality, amazing way of being, yet also a few annoying things he used to be constantly doing. Marnie? Well, why wouldn't I like that little funny creature who gets in everyone's way, bringing joy and laughter? Celia is an adult, aware of who she is, what she has to offer. I reckon she is the perfect friend for Rosie, who lacks self-esteem.

There comes the Nate thing' Nate Amie. That character present in half of the romance or young-adults books. Handsome, charming, very kind, just perfect' Not to mention, taken. Even engaged to Caitlin, the daughter of Mimmi Sutton, mean, beautiful woman with manicured nails sharp enough to threaten you. In metaphor, of course. Kind of a bad witch from fairytales. But where's the prince charming?

At first I wanted to judge the description of the place ' New York, and the whole story, goings-on, reactions, connections between people, threads' In general, the masterpiece created by Miranda Dickinson. After while of expressing my opinion, you can see above I realized, that it's impossible. I won't be looking for any flaws in a book which became one of my favorites. It let me feel the magic of love between man and woman, of New York even though I don't think I have experienced any of these in my own life so far.

"Fairytale of New York" is a beautiful story for grown-ups who have lost their track somewhere in the rush of the 21st century world, running away from their fears or chasing dreams that seem unreal. Just magnificent.

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