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Future in Our Hands

Whether it comes to either striving for perfection or dreaming of distinguished careers, everyone wonders what determines success. To my way of thinking, one cannot achieve big things only by following the 'practice makes perfect' proverb. Rotten luck does exist. What is more, it fools us. Coincidence can play a leading role in life career and sometimes hard work does not pay ' yet another paradox of nowaday's world.

To begin with, being in the right place and time means more than following a plan or curriculum. Everyone needs a way to show their abilities. However, sometimes there aren't any significant opportunities. Thus, many talents stay undiscovered. For instance, a lay translator living in the United Kingdom is far more likely to get a job in a British company rather than a passionate one from Poland.

Secondly, there is a lot of corruption in the 21st century world. Relations can often decide about one's career. By and large, any employer prefers to support his friends and family. Rarely will he employ a stranger whilst he can take on a relative. There are many factors that contribute to it. An ambitious worker may threaten the boss with his skills. Contemporary times require to give and to obtain support from the family.

As a general rule, obstacles in one's way appear randomly. Somebody may face none, the other person will have to overcome a lot of them. Unfortunately, there is no rule or proportion between the amount of hard work and difficulties met. For example, a girl who stays skinny thanks to fast metabolism might meet a model agent by accident, without even dreaming of it. Consequently, someone may strive for perfection and never come across such an opportunity of making acquaintance with an influential persona.

Nonetheless, everyone multiplies their chances of success by hard working as well as putting their hearts into whatever they do. Achieving particular aims requires determination and strong will. An athlete can set the record only as a result of conscientious, frequent exercise. However, he might still get injured and therefore his chances will drop dramatically.

For the above mentioned reasons, many can be demotivated or encouraged to count on luck. Becoming a workaholic isn't necessary when shooting for the moon. Sometimes all one needs is to trip over the right step. Still, there is no need to go to extremes, in my opinion. Lucius Annaeus Seneca once said, Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. Could it possibly be the desired golden merit?

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