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Excluding Bernie

Claude Morton
Column Editor

Sanders, the only Progressive Senator in Congress, has decided he is willing to run for President...

Democrats don't want Senator Sanders in the 2016 race

Senator Bernard Sanders

Bernard Sanders, born September 8, 1941, is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from Vermont. Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist, and has praised Scandinavian-style social democracy. | Photo: Reuters | Bernard Sanders, Senator, Vermont, Socialist,

Democrats don't want Senator Sanders in the 2016 race

Claude Morton
Column Editor



[Comments] Democrats and Republicans are similar on many levels, I find almost zero difference between the two political parties. One similarity I do notice though, is the current fight from both sides to exclude non-establishment voices from national media and elections.

Tea Party and Libertarian candidates have caused such a tremendous stir within the establishment of the Republican Party, 2016 might be the first year we see the party completely fractured when choosing a candidate to run for President.

The Democratic Party, a much more cohesive unit, tend to not have members on the far left of the establishment candidates, causing a watering down of their philosophies and the shift towards the center or even right of center, leading to a crisis in integrity - but that is a discussion for another time.

On social media and in numerous discussions with Democratic friends, an emerging worry is slowly spreading across the supporters of the Democratic Party ' what to do with Senator Bernie Sanders.

Senator Sanders from Vermont, the only Progressive Senator in Congress, has decided that he is willing to run for President, as a stark alternative to the centrist and closeted neocon candidates being talked about for 2016 (e.g. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O'Malley, etc')

Just writing that list of current potential Democratic candidates, who are more conservative than liberal or progressive, is proof alone of the party's shift to the right of center over the past few decades.

I can't say that the worries for Senator Sanders candidacy are not unfounded or without merit, but I have never seen a candidate that wasn't without worries.

With the election of Kshama Sawant (a progressive socialist) on the City Council in Seattle, Washington, and the election of Mayor Gayle McLaughlin (also a progressive socialist) in Richmond, California - it is possible for independents to win against entrenched establishment candidates.

Instead of building off those successes, and promoting progressive ideas and candidates, the Democrats are willing to ignore those true champions for equality, by pushing Senator Sanders out of the race before it even begins.

Democracy will not be served with the exclusion of Sanders, only the reinforcement of our broken affirmation that big-money-establishment-oligarchs are the only ones who can run and win American Presidential election.

Claude Morton

Claude Morton, Column Editor: Claude Morton is an independent contributor, who mostly writes articles on politics, Veganism, philosophy, or local events. Claude has contributed to a variety of print and online outlets including Yahoo!, MovieMaker Magazine, and the Ann Arbor News. From Claude; I’m in the 1%, no, not that 1%. I’m a vegan, indie filmmaker, libertarian socialist, and a pacifist. I champion freedom as much as equality, and love discussing solutions about our country’s biggest dilemmas. ... (more...)