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Rendition aircraft
Rendition aircraft
Rendition aircraft are aircraft used by national governments to move prisoners internationally, a practice known as rendition, or the illegal version, extraordinary rendition. Rendition aircraft have been identified in international news media as being used for prisoner transports. The CIA neither confirms nor denies the existence of such aircraft. | Photo: | Rendition Aircraft, Ghost Plane, Cia, Prisoners, Jet, Aircraft, Airline, Night,

Missing Malaysian Flight MH370

Since the day I heard that the Malaysian Airlines flight went missing I, like most, was mystified. I also felt bad, knowing something went horribly wrong while simultaneously realizing there was nothing I could do about it.

Nevertheless, 777's don't just disappear! In the case of the Malaysian flight, MH370, more than 3 weeks of speculation and find-a-story seemed to have ended with the Malaysian government saying that the flight ended in the Indian Ocean. Or, that's what they were hoping for.

Silly Malaysian PM apparently doesn't realize it's 2014 and with zero evidence to back up that claim, it appears the only thing he succeeded in doing was pissing off the families of the more than 200 on board, causing even more heartache for the families and deep embarrassment for all parties involved.

Something tells me that was not the goal!

Am I the only one whose first thought was "based on what evidence?" Do you have a piece of debris to support that? Do you have anything at all to support that claim?

I watched a talking head speculating on why this story is of such great interest. It's more than a human interest story. We all fly. Well, most of do anyway, and we like to know that when we fly we are safe. We want to know for sure that our plane will NOT disappear into thin air on our way to Grandma's house or wherever it is we're going.

Watching news coverage, it seems the goal was to get the families off the backs of the government of Malaysia and Malaysian Airlines. Looks like it failed. Planes are still searching for any signs of wreckage or life, realizing now that any wreckage found probably isn't going to be anywhere near the point of impact, if there even is a point of impact.

They irretrievably screwed up their investigation from the get-go, they're playing the usual face saving game and announcing they're done. Like that. Except that isn't how it works.

Never mind the families of more than 200 who were on that ill-fated flight. I get that since 777's never disappear, and Asian people, never mind their governments, like to have answers and save face whenever possible, and we really have no clue where the missing flight actually is, announcing that it's in the ocean seems as plausible as any explanation.

It "ends" the speculation, but it doesn't. People speculate until the real story is uncovered. Or something else of greater importance happens that's headline grabbing.

It doesn't end the families hanging out waiting for answers (because they have nothing better to do with their lives, obviously!), embarrassing the government. A government apparently too self-absorbed to realize the families simply want to know the fate of their loved ones.

It seems as though focus has moved to the Australian efforts to find wreckage. Or something. Even the Australian authorities, with no more answers than the Malaysians had, seem more credible, very likely because they are being as honest as possible from the start of their involvement.

The Malaysians are probably delighted to have the heat off them, if but briefly.
It's not like they're actually going to find the missing plane and prove the Malaysian government wrong or anything.

And telling the families via text message? Life-shattering news and you have a press conference and send out text messages? Are you kidding me?

The families, not unlike the families of the 4 men killed in Benghazi, understandably want answers, even if there are none. Yet.

"We're sorry but the plane is in the Indian Ocean and will never be found, we're done, thanks for playing," is not an answer.

When I have to tell someone something they won't want to hear, I oft think of how I would react to it and is there a way I can soften the blow? Very often, I cannot. But texting? It was the ultimate in crass and clueless.

Unlike Benghazi, I don't think there's anything political here, at least not for the Malaysian government, other than that they bungled things in a big way, along with their Asian counterparts, which cost searchers valuable time.

What ties the two events is but one thing: the lack of answers. In the case of Benghazi, I know they exist but we wouldn't want to lay blame where it would be politically costly. In the case of missing flight MH370, there just aren't any til they find the plane. Or the black boxes. Or debris of some variety.

We all want answers. The families of the 200 plus people on board that plane deserve answers. I understand the frustration of the airline executives and government officials who have no answers.

But when you have lied, backtracked more times than Obama has on Obamacare alone, and you've given the families no cause to trust you whatsoever, you've got to just surrender to the stupid, make your bed, apologize profusely and lie in that bed. I don't think Malaysian Airlines will be around much longer. Would you get on one of their planes? I know I wouldn't. And not knowing anything is the absolute worst.

I hope they find pieces of the plane soon, if only for the sake of getting solid answers.

My gut tells me the plane went down. I hate it for the families of those on board.

For all the theories I heard, every one of them came back to "really, we just don't know". It's the truth but it's also one big unknown.

And the unknown is a scary place to be.

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