The Heartbreaker Banquet

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson rocking the Heartbreaker Banquet at SXSW 2014. Willie Hugh Nelson, born April 29, 1933, is an American country music singer-songwriter, as well as an author, poet, actor, and activist. | Photo: Suzanne Cordiero | Willie Nelson, Country, Icon, Guitar, Swsx, Music, Beard,

A Texas Music Festival

The other week while in Austin covering South by Southwest, I was invited to attend the Heartbreaker Banquet, a music festival that calls to the heart of anyone who loves the South. Good food, music, cowboy boots and the warm sun of Spring. The Heartbreaker Banquet music festival was hosted on Willie Nelson's private, "Luck, Texas" ranch and hosted its third year of celebration.

Squarespace hosted musicians in the General Store, an intimate space with large windows and open doors while artists like Lily & The Parlour Tricks, Daniel and The Lion, Matt Sucich. While Daniel and The Lion played, I took a glance around the room and observed the way everyone was captivated by the music- it reminded me that even though I love to experience music in any capacity, there is something good for the soul when you are able to enjoy music in a smaller space. Sitting on the floor or leaning against the frame of the door, the rhythm of the kick drum so close and loud enough to make the floor tremble.

The outdoor show stage featured artists like The Wild Feathers, Lukas Nelson & Sons Of Fathers, and Noah Gunderson. At every turn there was pulled pork BBQ, the pop up shop by lifestyle brand and music everywhere, crowds riveted towards the stage or beneath the shade.

My favorite part of Texas is the nature of Texan's themselves. The friendly attitude of people in the Lone Star state who seem to always be up for good music and the outdoors. It was good to listen to bands like The Wild Feathers in the hot sun, surrounded by the smell of BBQ and talks of whiskey, the tall trees, all of the elements that make it feel like coming home with every chord of a guitar.

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