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Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
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Supreme Court rules in favor of Plutocracy

When .000000000001% of the population can make mandates on the other 99.9%, democracy'we have a problem.

McCutcheon v. FEC case, where the Supreme Court ruled in favor of McCutcheon, to allow more money into political campaigns and the financing of "representatives" across this great Republic, has caused an uproar.

Many Progressives and Liberals who labeled the decision Citizens United 2.0, and are up in arms, even some Libertarians and Independents are probably a bit annoyed with what this ruling means for their less financed fringe candidates moving forward.

I, however, have rejoiced at the ruling, what better way to highlight establishment candidates than by their massive campaign donations from big-money and transnational special interest groups?

Oligarchian-for-profit-politicians will now be able to buy a small country with their campaign donations, and it will also serve as the biggest scarlet (or the color of money) letter on all their chests - a clear indicator of a politician not at all interested in the people they supposedly "serve".

I'm sure much fervor will be generated over this ruling, but I say we use this opportunity to teach the electorate how to spot a for-profit-politician, who will feed you rhetoric of how they will help you across the big-money corporate media airwaves, with their well-financed campaign promises, but once in office they will only deliver you misery and votes that more times than not, will go against your best interests, in both the short and long term.

Let us use this opportunity to ask ourselves, is voting for politicians beholden to transnational big-money special interest groups really going to make life better for ourselves?

If the last four decades haven't been enough proof that well-financed candidates have led the most egregious regimes when it came to offences against our civil liberties and the reduction of opportunities for prosperity here in America, then ask yourself this about any well-financed candidates you are considering voting for.

Are they going to raise your wages? Shorten your work week? Enhance your benefits? Ensure your family is taken care of? Protect your civil liberties and not oppress them? Reduce the impact of governmental power, bureaucracy, and costs?

Are they going to endorse policies of transparency instead of secrecy? Are they going to support clean domestic energy that will bring real and lasting domestic jobs? Are they going to fight so employment is a right?

Are they going to support self-governance, less restrained markets, or hold government officials culpable for colluding with financial terrorist, crimes against humanity, or for using secret courts to file secret rulings that can usurp due process and indefinitely detain an innocent American citizen?

Or are they going to bailout transnational corporations, banks, other governments, and foreign individuals with your hard work for money, reducing you and your family's wealth so others can prosper, including many non-Americans?

Are they going to secretly violate your rights to privacy along with your 4th Amendment rights, while lying to you and Congress about it, acting above the law?

Are they going to label you a terrorists because you disagree with them, or write a blog demanding transparency and exposing governmental wrong-doings? Are they going to support horrific trade policies that have enriched other nations at the expense of our own? Are they going to support warfare and war-hawk rhetoric, pushing us further into debt as a nation?

If you are worried about the recent Supreme Court decision, then check yourself first, are you voting for transnational big-money special interest group candidates (e.g. Clinton, Bush, Biden, Ryan, Christie, Romney, etc...), how about in your local elections, are you voting for big-money candidates there also?

And if you are, how worried are you again about this decision?

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