The Water Dilemma

Drought is an extended period when a region notes a deficiency in its water supply whether surface or underground water. A drought can last for months or years, or may be declared after as few as 15 days. Generally, this occurs when a region receives consistently below average precipitation. | Photo: EPA | Drought, California, Lifeguard, Sign, Water, Rain, Ecology,

The Future Gold of the World

Millions of litres of water flowed into Japan with the Tsunami of not so long ago. The waters came from the deepest dark sea and brought with it all sorts of underwater slush. Even though there was water everywhere, the water was of no use to thousands of people. Not only was it not of use to anyone, but also it was immensely destructive.

Even though water is a life-giving force, it is an unpredictable entity as well. It can deprive man of the much-needed thirst quenching, of the much needed cleansing as well as cooling off. However, if it is contaminated, it has no purpose whatsoever, and can be a killer of many. In its contaminated form, it can be equally destructive as the tsunami as well as the floods around the earth.

The most important rule, therefore, is that you should respect this force, as much as you respect any other of the natural phenomena in the world. There can be no life without water. Climate change poses a major danger to the water resources of the world. Pollution poses incredible danger to the water table all around nations. Fracking threatens the life-giving force with much intensity.

The ears of man are closed to the fact that there is a need to conserve and protect water resources. Right now, we have "enough" water resources, they say. There is no need to come up with ways to create water and even to conserve it. Those who think this way should think again. The more people, who think this way, will find themselves entangled in a fierce battle for the little water resources that would eventually be left on the earth. Starting now to preserve the water resources, and find ways to "make water" will help with the future for enough water to go around.

Instead of spending huge sums of money on fracking, the moneys should be poured into ensuring that the water table and rivers in many countries are free from pollution and poisonous chemicals from factories and other human mismanagement. Teaching people how to make and harvest water, will go a long way to ensure the preservation of this "gold" of the future.

To preserve the water table, you need to and keep it stable for a much longer period.

As always, Man does not care to take heed until there is a crisis. No-one can imagine what it means to live without water, until there is none to have.

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