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Omnivores in Moscow

Omnivore in Moscow

Luc Dubanchet
Luc Dubanchet
Director of Omnivore. | Photo: Omnivore | Link | Luc Dubanchet, Omnivore, Food, France, French, Cuisine,

Vladimir Putin seems so irrelevant, if only for a moment.

Say what you will, but I adore food and the fact that of all people, the French relentlessly march into the fray... to cook. The stellar culinary do-gooders at Omnivore headed into Moscow and served up amazing combinations of world-renowned chef's with local chef wonders. As always with Omnivore, the results were watering mouths from the moment they arrived.

Another Omnivore fan favorite are the F*cking Dinners: 1 night, 1 restaurant, 1 menu, two talents: F*cking Dinners recipe of its followers to the other side of the world. A local chief welcomes its restaurant chef from elsewhere, they will discover, tame, share and prepare a memorable menu.

In Moscow, Luc Dubanchet spoke to AND Magazine about the Russian (cooking) Revolution. The Omnivore's Director demonstrates a perfect example of how to bridge political divides with scrumptiousness. Vladimir Putin seems so irrelevant, if only for a moment. Thank you Ominvore.

[Roughly translated from French press]

Omnivore just completed the fourth edition of its Omnivore World Tour in Moscow. Real success was nothing to suggest in 2010 when Omnivore landed pioneer.

Omnivore first landed in Moscow, there are four years, the city was almost ripe for hosting the Young cuisine. Some leaders, already in place, already pioneers unknowingly would become the spokesman. For the most disturbing discovery remained well Russian leaders said that we do not yet exist.

The first of them is called Ivan Shishkin. Leading Delicatessen restaurant, this former chemistry student opened with a group of friends this gastro-pub totally improbable edge of a large ring road. The underground location literally located in the basement of a residential backyard has become the place to be. And for good reason: the cocktails are the best in Moscow, pizza heart beef burger rivals the smoked mullet. Delicatessen goes much further than the table fashion. Russian roots tap into the imagination to create new dishes 100% Russian in the image of these won-tons of black bread, cabbage and fried pickles. Shishkin, who had preferred to step back this year on the festival stage to showcase his young team quickly became one of the benchmarks for Omnivore Moscow. It was the first festival party involved in Gostiny Dvor, then first guest, a year later in Deauville.

It would also have come across a fellow and senior figure in the Russian cuisine. But Alexei Zimin, his flowing beard as Charlemagne and irony in his eyes, came a year ago to attend the festival. Awesome, at least for its status as leader / star in Russia for his newspaper, Afisha, a sort of modern UFO in the Russian culinary press. Zimin has ouvir CBL, beautiful restaurant in the house Writers, mythical place, which still marks a new stage in the culinary emancipation Moscow.

"The wing where the thigh"
It is through this spirit omnivore could find its place, give confidence to leaders who sometimes saw the bad side of their cutlture. And Omnivore served as a springboard for the first demonstrations by chefs hitherto virtually unknown. Dmitry Zotov was the third time on stage in Moscow this year. He just made ​​a sort of feat: open alone what is probably the first bistro Moscow. No investor behind him - in a city that does not allow it yet - its "wing or thigh" (sic!) is a micro gastro seats 25, who drive yet another five restaurants including the Metropole. Suddenly, the imposing Zotov was like a kid the other night with Giovanni Passerini as co-author of a Fucking Dinner ruffled. This is the kind of project that moves Moscow. Probably as the future restaurant D'Ivan and Sergei Berezutsky, the twins who gradually becoming one of the new leaders of the Russian creativity. Young Russian designers, they were more than fifteen this year on the scene Omnivore festival in Moscow. 15 to chain without complex demos more striking that, even though they still sometimes go into the background of the demonstration effect, are focusing increasingly on the Russian soul loves so omnivore discover and tame show.

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