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The Opaque Regime

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The Most Secretive Government in U.S. History

When President Obama took office with promises of bringing transparency back to governance, I think most supporters weren't expecting full-disclosure, but a shift to a hands-off policy for those seeking to expand transparency on the federal and state levels ' with intent to ultimately better inform our society and electorate.

What has transpired over the past six years is a shut-down of government's willingness to expose their activities to the citizens they supposedly "serve', according to a report from The Associated Press.

This is actually a frightening reality, especially if history is any indicator of what is to come next, nothing good can be imagined from past experiences that started off down this same road of ultra-government secrecy.

More disturbing is the willingness to expand this cut-off of responsibility and accountability to the citizens of the United States by our government, removing the people completely from deciding their own destinies, and in many cases, treating them as the enemy.

With the few glimpses of unredacted documents that have exclusively come from whistleblowers, who had to risk their livelihoods and freedoms in the process, we know the government is not always acting in our best interests, or even in America's best interests.

Worse yet, government is keeping secrets that are funded by our tax revenues, as if they have been authorized by the people to do so, something they cannot logically claim.

We must recognize our government, mostly funded by large transnational corporations and other global institutions, have hijacked out government to serve their interests, and no longer the American people's interests.

They bailed out Wall Street while millions of Americans lost their homes (their main path to upward-mobility), lost their jobs (and had them replaced with lower paying ones if any at all), had their credit ratings destroyed (leaving them vulnerable to predatory and usurious interest rates and terms down the road), and no one can say that has benefited America ' at least no sane person.

Even six years after the 2008 Depression things are still dire for millions of Americans, even though over a trillion dollars has been spent on propping up domestic and transnational thieves and fraudsters from the corporate world.

Government allows known mass polluters immunity to destroy our air, water, and soil and then classifies the information to product shady business deals from the American public, the same public whose lives and livelihoods will be impacted most by the ecological destruction and health risks caused by toxic particles saturating every breath we breathe, drink we swallow and soil we grow our food in.

We literally have to rely on ultra-brave or maverick journalists working with whistleblowers, committing "crimes" to expose government doings, because our government has decided even the most mundane pieces of information are now "classified".

The government believes the public is non-deserving of knowing how they are representing us, in essence, we the electorate do not matter, just as long as we continue to support this opaque corporate oligarch through coerced taxation and without expectation for representation.

How can we even pretend to possibly have representation when we don't know how they will represent us on issues we are kept in the dark about (e.g. NSA)?

Just imagine if you and I lived our lives like that, without any accountability. How long do you think a society operating under an opaque no accountability ethos would last? How long would it take society to crumble if we just classified everything we didn't want to be accountable for?

Why would an opaque non-accountable government result in something different?

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