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Russia, China Eye Pact?

Panda Bear
Panda Bear
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It's like the old Hayley Mills song.

It seems like old times.

Or history repeats itself.

What do China and Russia have in common? Both were former communist dictatorships and pariahs in the eyes of the so-called 'Free World' 60 years ago, and both are if the truth be known, still hybrid types of more free-market but still pseudo-communist dictatorships, not really free just appearing to be so, under more reasonable-looking window-dressing.

Both Russia and China are frustrated with the United States and its continuing desire to be (to them) the imagined preeminent military power in the world. Just this week Russian officials angrily warned Washington not to threaten them over a proposed oil-for-hard-goods trade deal with Iran, and Chinese officials blasted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel during a visit about the United States' backing of what they condemned as anti-Chinese U.S. allies including Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan.

It's sounding more and more like the good old 'Cold War' days.

The Chinese are actively engaged in attempting to replace the U.S. as the major military power in the Pacific and similarly, the Russians have condemned NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) as an American plot to contain their ambitions and to surround and strangle them.

Russia and China. Hmmm! This sounds familiar. Where have I heard this before?

Remember when China and Russia were friends, thick as thieves, before they had a falling out, back in the period 1948 through 1950. Both powers supplied soldiers and supplies for North Korea in its attempt to conquer the South. China sent troops to fight the U.S. and Russia supplied equipment, weapons and fliers piloting Russian-built MIG jets for the North Korean air force.

Then as now, it's a case of the 'have-nots want what the haves have.'

Even before that it was Nazi Germany banding together with Italy and Japan and for a time Russia to counter the influence of the British and the United States, until Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.

Given the belligerent position of Vlad Putin in attempting to re-construct the old communist empire he is so fond of, and the corporate, fascist, business-suited techo-gogs in Peking (I refuse to call it the modern form of Beijing), there is no reason the two can't once again see common cause.

Look at the potential benefits of a secret alliance against the United States.

China, with its newly completed first-ever aircraft carrier and its burgeoning fleet of missiles, submarines and attack ships, can take pressure off the Russians by diverting attention with increased threats and turning up the heat against puny American allies in the Pacific. Russia on the other hand can divert American attention away from the growing threat to its fleet posed by the Chinese by causing trouble in the Ukraine and Crimea.

Americans will always be more preoccupied by Russian attempts to re-take back former territory than they will by a developing Chinese Pacific Super Power whose leaders are ruthless, but appear on the surface reasonable. They no longer wear foreign looking Mao jackets and berets with a red star emblazoned on the front.

This is the time for a secret treaty alliance carving up the world between them, or as they say, 'Let bygones be bygones.' One can run interference, using a football parlance, for the other, and visa versa.

American appeasement of China and the transfer of sophisticated military technology either traded or stolen by the Chinese including recent attempts to hack their way into American defense/offense computers of the military/industrial plant here in the U.S. has been a fixture in place.

That's a given. That will continue.

The Chinese are well on their way to supplanting the U.S., their ultimate goal in the Pacific, to take back Taiwan as a possession, and to dominate all the other small oil-and-timber-rich countries in the region, Malaya, Vietnam, Myanmar Burma.

Where have I seen this before? Oh, Japan did that before WW2.

The Russian bear and the Chinese business suit have a potential treaty alliance made in heaven, at least their version of it.

Even now the ink is potentially drying on a new secret protocol between the Russians and the Chinese to put the Americans in their imagined place as a bunch of redneck cowboys sitting home drinking beer watching Duck Dynasty. America will no doubt continue to waste its attention as the lording bully of the Middle East and making war on the tiny impoverished Third World countries it loves to fight and then thump its chest like it was a real achievement to defeat Afghanistan or Yemen in a war.

I think the Chinese and the Russians will get together. They have so much to offer each other. It's like the old Haley Mills song, 'Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah, and though we haven't yet got a lot, we should be making up a plot, we should be sharing all we got, together---yeah, yeah, yeah!'

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