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Activism = Terrorism?

Doris Day
Doris Day
Doris Day is an American film and television actress, singer, and animal rights activist. Day began her career as a big band singer in 1939. Her popularity began to rise after her first hit recording, "Sentimental Journey", in 1945. | Photo: Doris Day | Link | Doris Day, Animal, Dog, Animal Rights, Kind, Icon,

The War on Animal Compassion

When PhD candidate in MIT's Dept. of Science and animal liberator, Ryan Shapiro, revealed animal rights activists are now considered terrorists by the U.S. government, I was stunned.

The reasoning for such action by the government is to sooth transnational financial interests with a stake in the animals being liberated, as animal activism grows in popularity, their jobs of violently exploiting animals for profit becomes much more difficult to achieve.

The targeting of mostly pacifist animal rights activists seeking to liberate unfree animals, by the government, who now labels their actions as terrorism, sends a chilling message that can only mean one thing;

fascism is not only knocking on our door, it's trying to kick it down upon our heads.

The government is willing to label peaceful citizens trying to expand life and not destroy it, who are engaged in non-violent acts of marketplace disobedience as terrorists - which means they are now eligible for indefinite detention without trial, torture, and even being murdered without trial here or abroad at any moment, totally eviscerating any judicial due process for American citizens.

I'm sorry, but that is fucking nuts.

If trying to establish rights for my fellow sentient travelers on this kick-ass rock of compacted stardust is now a crime worthy of the terrorist label, then the government has officially declared war on compassion for animals ' I wonder if that includes compassion for the human animal as well?

Ryan Shapiro
Ryan Shapiro

In January 2014, Ryan Shapiro sued the Central Intelligence Agency after they failed to respond to a FOIA request he processed for documents related to Nelson Mandela. The request was processed in order to determine whether the US intelligence community played a role in Mandela's arrest and imprisonment by pro-Apartheid forces in South Africa. | Photo: | Link | Ryan Shapiro, Animal Activist, Rights, Vegan, Vegetarian, Lawsuit, Terrorist,

Where will such logic lead us? In 10-20 years, will all animal-rights organizations interested in preventing animals from suffering needless abuse for human benefit be labelled a terrorist organization, worthy of facing the full might of the United States and her allies?

Is PETA supporting terrorists? Will PETA be placed on the list of terrorist organizations since they are activists for animal rights and animal liberation? Will entertainment companies, who depict liberated animals in their animated movies be considered terrorist sympathizers, who disperse harmful propaganda to the citizens of this fine Republic?

If a government's policy can lead to horrific, dangerous and absurd outcomes, then it's a bad policy in serious need of reform ' and no, animal activists are not terrorists.

In fact, this transnational corporate oligarch firmly in control of the government is the one using violence and intimidation to pursue economic and political goals by labeling peaceful American citizens as terrorists - shame on them.

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