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Ed Markey
Ed Markey
Edward John "Ed" Markey, born July 11, 1946, is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who is the junior United States Senator from Massachusetts, in office since 2013. | Photo: US Government | Link | Ed Markey, United States Senator, Democrat, Internet, ,

Another assault on Free Speech

In my never-ending battle for truth justice and the American way, one of the most frequent assaults I must face is the suppression of speech. Really, it's almost hard to believe in this day and age that so-called educated people still can't wrap their heads around that notion.

The latest slack-jaw with the messianic gleam in his eyes is something known as an Ed Markey of Massachusetts. He proposes that the government do "a study" on the Internet, TV and Radio and then make recommendations that will stop the encouragement of hate crimes. Sounds good in principle doesn't it?

Honestly, frankly, I don't really care what they do with American Radio and TV as these are both so censored, controlled and politically corrected that virtually nothing that isn't heavily monitored is allowed to escape on any of these airwaves anyway. But I must draw the line at the Internet. The Internet is the one and only place in this country or for that matter the world where you can actually read and give free uncensored speech. The last bastion.

With this type of Internet oversight, Markey and his ilk will then monitor the Internet and decide what is bad and good. You see folks, you are too stupid to decide these things for yourself, so we need someone like Mr. Markey to decide for us. Anyone who proposes that they or their group can monitor and filter what is good and bad not only smacks of hubris but of downright megalomania.

Oh, what is there to say folks? Whether we look back 70 years or 2000 the results are always the same. What side is always on the side of suppression, censorship and control? The thug, the Brownshirts. Always.

If the other fellow's (or parties) views are wrong and horrible, why must we suppress them, bury them? Meet them on the field of battle and beat their arguments with your shining divine truths. Don't want to do that? Why?

If anybody is proposing a crime on the Internet, that in and of itself is already a crime, no new Markenian legislation is needed. And of course, that relic, the 1st amendment allows speech of everybody as long as they are not advocating a crime.

No matter how idiotic and nauseating the other fellow's views are you never (according to the constitution) have the right to suppress them, minus an actual crime.

These attempts have been going on now for decades with both the right and the left trying to silence each other. Since we are this time dealing with the left, a few words here. Dealing with the left is virtually impossible. You see somewhere around 50 years ago (the sixties) they developed this rather curious but dangerous delusion that their beliefs were on the figurative side of the angels and therefore they did not believe they could be wrong. In their minds their ideas and beliefs were elevated and became truths and facts. Sound familiar anyone? They became Eric Hoffer's true believers. In reality nothing the left believes is fact, settled science or proven, any more than the right's beliefs are. They are simply beliefs. But as every group is thoroughly convinced that they have divined the "true facts" they have no problem then proposing suppression of the other views because they are so obviously wrong. It's just a public service! What can be done with them? I wish I knew. Someday if I ever achieve the wealth of a Donald Trump I believe I will arm, with flamethrowers, the delusional right and the fantasy-prone left. Then rent a large stadium for my friends and bring plenty of marshmallows. A consummation devoutly to be wished.

My last salvo is simply this: anytime some group is telling you that they have the truth, be they right or left you should reject this notion. Both the right and the left are merely secular religions that exist to make its acolytes feel better about themselves. One of the main ways of doing this is by looking down on the other side. Every person or group that has ever sought to silence the opposition will always be on the side of tyranny, the devils. And every person or group that has opposed the suppression of free speech and thought is and will always remain on the side of the angels. And nothing the would-be suppressors do or say will ever change that one simple enduring fact.

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