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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
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How Much Worse Can It Get?

When President Obama performed another photo op session, this time at Walmart, every progressive economist, professor, pundit, journalist, and laborer collectively said in their mind, 'what the f**k', as all of us should have.

Not only does Walmart represent everything currently wrong with our economic system, it is home to a massive inequality problem, something Senator Obama use to crusade against.

Walmart a company that not only shows us how capitalism does not work for the majority of laborers, it also shows us how the concentration of power through a minority ownership scheme creates tremendous wealth inequalities, and the ability to use that wealth to purchase influence upon the state to legalize the exploitation of laborers further.

This can be seen by a Congress hell-bent on dragging their feet on raising the minimum wage, which would help around 40% of all Walmart workers, the largest employer in the States, who make around $9 or less an hour according to this study by the Labor Center at UC Berkley.

But, this only represents one way Walmart, the most vile of capitalistic creations, exploits our Republic, as it stocks its shitty stores, with shitty products made in places you wouldn't want to send your worst enemies to. This is not only horrible for the manufacturing base here at home, as Walmart has more stores in America than any other chain, it has assisted in reducing the standard of living here in the United States.

If the President of the U.S. shows up in a Walmart store and doesn't mention raising the minimum wage, even though that isn't a viable solution to fixing inequality, but a meager start; one has to wonder who the President and his administration are actually representing?

But, to show up at Walmart, and talk about energy sustainability while ignoring how environmentally destructive having numerous outlet stores, which require numerous deliveries, by numerous trucks, using numerous amounts of dirty energy is, then why stage the event at Walmart in the first place?

After all, Walmart exhibits one of the most egregious models for energy consumption with their vast global shipping networks, and stores running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Of course, Walmart has been busy touting their 'green' energy push, but according to this report by the Sierra Club, they aren't even close to reaching a sustainable model for energy consumption.

Not once did the President mention Walmart's abuses of our environment or natural resources. Instead, he lauded them for installing some solar panels on one of their buildings, and using 'energy efficient' light bulbs, really?

The President did however talk about working hard and getting ahead, building an economy that works for everyone, regardless of your creed. I'm not sure if he is familiar with whom he was speaking to, or the following data, but Walmart employees receive over $2 billion in governmental assistance a year; because they are being exploited by a private ownership scheme that has destroyed America's middle-class.

They work hard, but have zero chance of getting ahead, and are coerced into further promoting an economy that only works for 25% of the population, not for everyone, especially if you happen to be of color.

A company that made billions in profits last year, is subsidizing the thievery of the idle owners to the tune of billions of dollars a year - do you ever remember taking a vote on whether we want our tax dollars collected and used to subsidize the owners of Walmart, who make millions upon millions of dollars a year?

I don't either, so that means our government is using unjustified authority to subsidize private industry, in order for a super minority group of people to benefit indefinitely ' that's f**ked up.

And that is exactly what President Obama was promoting at Walmart, a f**ked up agenda, for a f**ked up society, giving a dreary, boring and stumbled filled speech about 'energy' sustainability at Walmart, one of the world's most egregious energy hogs, showing everyone his true intentions; bless those in power, and keep feeding the majority suffering from a lopsided power structure, a bunch of bullshit to keep them dumb and docile.

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