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Mary T. Barra
Mary T. Barra
Mary Teresa Barra, born December 24, 1961, is the Chief Executive Officer of General Motors, since January 15, 2014. Barra is the first female CEO of a major global automaker. | Photo: General Motors | Link | Mary T. Barra, Gm, General Motors, Businesswoman, Ceo, Auto, Car,

Non-Accountable Corporations

After General Motors (GM) has recalled another 11 million vehicles, and has been fined $35 million (which is about one day's worth of profits for GM) for being held partially responsible for the 13 deaths of Americans and Canadians, due to defective ignition mechanisms in the cars they produce ' we have to ask our nation, are transnational corporations like GM hurting our nation's welfare?

We have also learned that GM was actually aware of the faulty cars they were producing as far back as 2003-2005. Cars that now have played a role in over 300 deaths, as the airbags failed to deploy on numerous models, especially during the time of government management; a government who decided to lie and fudge reality, while real Americans were being injured or killed in numerous car accidents resulting from their faulty cars (as they were majority owners from 2009-2010).

I'm not sure where to begin, but I know where this type of institutionalized behavior by massive transnational corporations has brought us ' to the reality that American citizen's lives no longer trump corporate profits.

In a country so obsessed with maintaining this illusion of prosperity that capitalism has provided us, we are willing to look the other way when actual human beings are being killed and injured by companies producing dangerous products and services.

Just imagine if a medical marijuana dispensary's purposeful negligence killed 13 patients, I bet every single dispensary in America would be shut down by tomorrow.

Just imagine if your boss's purposeful negligence killed 13 people in your office, do you think he would still be the boss tomorrow, or even after lunch?

Somehow, when transnational corporations kill people, they're no longer accountable, they're no longer are a person, they're untouchable, and if they wield massive influence, as GM does, they become active agents against the general welfare of this nation.

But what happens when the government was part of the purposeful negligence involved in the deaths of American citizens, all to maintain an illusion of prosperity and economic growth, what then?

Do we just continue on like the subservient citizens, we have become - or do we demand accountability?

General Motors
General Motors

General Motors Company, commonly known as GM, is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan that designs, manufactures, markets and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts and sells financial services. | Photo: General Motors | Link |
The same accountability most of us hold ourselves to on a daily basis, in order to create a wonderful society to live and thrive within. We wouldn't condone the murders of 13 innocent people for any reason, so why would we just ignore GM's egregious actions that have led to the deaths of Americans?

One thing you can do immediately is to enforce dollar discipline, would you financially support a mass murderer (anyone murdering over 4 people)? If you are going to tell me GM isn't a person, Citizens United would beg to differ.

As such, how can you continue to work for a mass murderer if you are employed there? How can you drive around in a vehicle designed by a mass murderer who's next victim could be you?

If you are planning to purchase a vehicle, why would you buy from a producer of goods that directly lead to the deaths of your fellow Americans?

When companies no longer care to recognize our societal moral ethos, in which being accountable to your fellow citizens is paramount, then we have to hold them responsible and systematically dissolve them from our society.

Something that should have happened in 2009, we should have allowed GM to go bankrupt, they aren't interested in the country's general welfare. They are not even an American company, especially when it comes time to hiring Americans or paying taxes.

Unfortunately the unintended consequences of government action to intervene in the markets, to pick a winner and force it upon the citizens, has reared its ugly face once more, this time in the form of numerous deaths of Americans.

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