The Isla Vista Murders

Isla Vista shooting
Isla Vista shooting
A Santa Barbara County deputy sheriff looks at the black BMW sedan driven by a drive-by shooter on Saturday, May 24, 2014, in Isla Vista, Calif. The shooter went on a rampage near a Santa Barbara university campus that left seven people dead, including the attacker, and others wounded, authorities said Saturday. (AP Photo/) | Photo: Jae C. Hong | Isla Vista, Shooting, Bmw, Violence, Gun, Murder,

Who's to Blame?

Another idiot has grabbed a gun and shot up a lot of people. This time in Isla Vista, California. Said idiot drove around in his car with 3 handguns and lots of loaded clips. Windows down he apparently blasted anything that moved. When his array of targets dissipated he would simply drive to a new location and start blasting again.

Immediately, as per script, the popular media, another idiot, began the blame game. All kinds of people will now descend on the scene and pronounce through their skewed prisms the "real" culprit. Added to this the father of one of the victims is already speaking out against the NRA and politicians who he blames for the shooting.

So, let's cut right to it. Who's to blame? Because we live in a supposedly controlled, managed, politically corrected, regimented, weak-willed nanny state, many believe that all forms of behavior including this, can or should be controlled and/or eradicated, ala "The Borg." They are apparently shocked when these kinds of things happen.

Well, according to his own statements, this idiot Mr. Rodger said that he was subjected to a life of loneliness and isolation, and worst of all, girls, blessed girls didn't want to go out with him. Hmm, I wonder why? You see, perhaps if the girls had only made the sacrifice and dated this pathetic piece of garbage, they could have averted this massacre. So are the girls to blame? Hmm. That's a poser.

Here's another one, the media. There was a time in this country when pathetic losers like Mr. Rodger would do the honorable thing, if and when they decided to commit suicide they would go into the family basement and hang their little necks from the nearest rafter and everybody would be happy. Not anymore. Now because of all these mass shooting incidents that are big news and end up going viral, the idea is certainly put out there that the old-fashioned rafter hanging is just like so pass? man. Nowadays you've got to take a bunch of people with you and make a STATEMENT. So, if the freaking media wouldn't broadcast and continually re-broadcast these incidents then these things would be less likely to occur. So is the idiot media to blame? Hmm. Another poser.

Another is Asperger's syndrome, which this thing is said to have had. For that matter, so did the shooter of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary. So are Asperger's sufferers to blame? I've got to say hmm, another poser.

How about this one. Are the police to blame? It is reported that the police were alerted to Mr. Rodger. They even went out and interviewed him but ended up doing exactly nothing about him. According to the police spokesman, the subject seemed quiet and shy and respectful. (That's how they ALL seem you fuckin' dolt!) The police said he didn't meet he criteria of a psychiatric hold and so nothing happened. Surely the police "freaked" this whole thing up and they should be blamed.

We mustn't forget the MF'in NRA. 3 handguns, 35 loaded clips. Jesus-freakin'-Christ. I remember a line from the Eastwood movie "In the Line of Fire." It was something to the effect that if someone is willing to trade their life to get someone, anybody can be gotten. And, of course, this is true. It's like a suicide bombing, if the person is willing to give up their life, you're not going to stop them. If people want to get someone specific or just people in general they will always be able to figure out ways to do it.

To wit, we know from the media that this idiot was driving a "Beamer." Well, anybody could take said "Beamer" into any college town in America on a friday night and simply slam it into crowds of people, students. Simple. Simple as simple pie. Then, when that particular scene is no longer target-rich you just motor up the block to another location and hammer into them. Then repeat. Actually, in all truthfulness the body count would be bigger, higher. Fooling with handguns, reloading (pulling out the empty clip and replacing it) is time-consuming, then you've got to line somebody up, squeeze one off and hope you're a pretty good shot. Not to mention the sound of gunshots that travel far and wide and have a tendency to make people, wherever they, take cover. The car is much more efficient and a real time-saving device. Simply plow, willy-nilly and wild, back up, plow again. It would cut many crucial seconds off your crime spree.

Do things like this actually happen? Well of course they do. Some slob-face, accidentally plows his car into a crowd of people and he ends up killing 3 or 4. Perhaps 20 years ago here in California some old bastard behind the wheel plowed into a cordoned off farmer's market street in Santa Monica and ended up killing 10. And he wasn't even trying to kill anybody and he ended up beating Mr. Rodger, 10 to 7. Guns, smuns.

I could go on, but let's wrap this baby up. No guns aren't the culprit, not the idiot media (they have an obligation to report the news EVEN IF it has the unintended consequence of spreading and to a lesser extent somehow legitimizing a mass murder as a sort of political or personal statement.)

What about the freakin' cops? Shouldn't they have done something? Well what? I would believe that when they interviewed Rodger he did not exceed the established parameters that would have indicated he should be held for a psych evaluation. And if they had held him? What? Were they going to cure him? A 72 hour hold and then he gets out and commits the crimes 3 days later.

Who's to blame? Mr. Rodger and only Mr. Rodger. It's natural to want to control things in society, these things, among many others, frighten people and so they set about inventing various scenarios and sometimes conspiracies and illusions that posit that if something had been done correctly, this thing could have been avoided. It makes people feel better. But it's not society, not his parents, not the Asperger's, not the police, not the NRA, not the girls who missed their big chance with him and not even a partridge in a pear tree.

Individuals are to blame for their actions. But instead, we exist in a society that would mitigate Mr. Rodger's culpability and try to shift it onto society and whatever part of society they find lacking. The answer, like all things, is right in front of their noses, but they can't see it. Well, just another day on the ranch.

Oh, and what can be done to stop these kinds of incidents from occurring in the future? Absolutely nothing. No thing. Absolutely. That's reality. Sick individuals will always exist and will always find ways to kill and will always do so. Don't like it? Well, that's the way it is. So...keep your eyes open.

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