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Michael Kinsley
Michael Kinsley
Michael Kinsley, born March 9, 1951, is an American political journalist, commentator, television host, and pundit. Primarily active in print media as both a writer and editor, he also became known to television audiences as a co-host on Crossfire. | Photo: Associated Press | Michael Kinsley, Journalist, Pundit, Host, Glasses, Crossfire,

"Liberal" journalist attacks Glenn Greenwald's Tactics

Michael Kinsley, long time liberal political journalist and pundit, recently reviewed Glenn Greenwald's latest book, No Place to Hide, and made a shocking statement in his review, "In a democracy (which, pace Greenwald, we still are), that decision (to release state secrets) must ultimately be made by the government."

What is alarming, is that Michael Kinsley claims that the government has a right to secrets, and constitutionally speaking, he may have a case, but that isn't democracy, not even in this warped Orwellian reality we find ourselves in.

The majority isn't okay with being spied on, and as a majority, we see Edward Snowden as a legitimate whistleblower, not a traitor. However, in this unjust society, I guess the opinions of a super minority trump that of the masses ' so much for us being a democracy, as Kinsley incorrectly claimed.

Glenn Greenwald has stated that he will divulge state secrets once more, when he releases the documents containing the names of American citizens monitored under the various NSA programs, as reveled to him by Edward Snowden.

Awesome. Can't wait to see if the government has truly been doing the people's work, or if they have been abusing unjustified power, showing themselves as the blight upon our society that I have suspected them of being for numerous decades now.

Without democracy, the opinions of the minority have caused great suffering in the world. The holocaust occurred because of a minority opinion, the Iraq war occurred because of a minority opinion, the bailouts occurred because of a minority opinion, the deregulation of Wall Street that led to the bailouts occurred because of a minority opinion, Citizens United occurred because of a minority opinion, the war on marijuana occurs because of a minority opinion.

A minority opinion does not constitute democracy as Kinsley would like us to believe. There has never been a time that I found the minority acting in the majority best interest's, or a time when the minority's judgment, knowledge, or opinions trump that of the majority.

If Greenwald ever does release the list, which I hope he does, it will be a wonderful test to see if the government is really monitoring potential threats to our nation and our people, or if they have been using the corrupt wisdom, that government knows best, for nefarious deeds and for the interests of a minority group.

I have a feeling the list will reveal that the government is spying on peaceful civil liberty activists, Animal liberation activists, Green energy activists, and even Occupy Wall Street activists like Naomi Wolf. I bet those Americans under surveillance by the NSA, who are not involved in any violent organizations or terrorist groups, will outnumber potential terrorists 100000 to 1.

And, if the government is monitoring those peaceful domestic groups looking to progress our nation, do we still believe as Kinsley believes, that the government is the final arbitrator of "democracy", and we have no right to know about governmental actions that usurp actual democracy, and threaten our way of life?

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