Divided We Fall

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, born October 7, 1952, is a Russian politician who has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012. Putin previously served as President from 2000 to 2008, and as Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. | Photo: | Vladimir Lenin, Russia, Revolutionary, Communist, Wink, Soviet Union,

Sit back and watch as we allow our nation to be overrun.

Does it ever feel like the entire world is falling apart around us? Like the bad news always outweighs the good?

Today, we are experiencing what happens to the world when America refuses to stand up for freedom. The political classes in Washington - in both parties - have put political power ahead of protecting the freedoms of the people, and the entire world is paying for it.

When talk arose of pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, predictions of doom and gloom were dire. Many warned against leaving a power vacuum in the region, as it would invite America's enemies to move in and take power. Our enemies played opossum, and when we were told that "Al-Qaida is on the run," too many of us believed it.

So we proceeded, refusing to take heed of these warnings, and after leaving a power vacuum in the region, we now watch daily as militant terrorists gain more and more ground in Iraq, and the United States, the "Land of the Free" refuses to defend the freedom our fighting men and women fought and died to secure for the people of Iraq, and for ourselves, as we benefit from every defeat of radicalism and tyranny in the Middle East.

It has made us some strange bedfellows, as the nation of Iran offers to come in on our side of the conflict...but, then, Iran has something to fear should ISIL terrorists take over the nation of Iraq, because ISIL's radical Islamofacism is of a different sect than the radical Islamofascism of Iran. What a sad state of affairs it is when we are left to depend on the sectarian differences between radical theocratic fascists and terrorists to stop the spread of radical theocratic fascism and terrorism.

And it can hardly be coincidence that, mere days after the announcement of the release of five top Taliban terrorists, all of the work that our nation and our allies put into liberating Iraq is coming undone.

Meanwhile, here at home, our Southern border is being overrun, as thousands of men, women, and children come illegally into America. The barbarians have invaded Rome, and the president works on his golf game.

The real tragedy is that all of this was entirely preventable, had we just secured our Southern border, as many have pushed for for decades now. Always, the political powers-that-be had better things to do than to actually keep our nation secure, and in recent years, we have been assured that a "virtual fence" has our border more secure than ever before. But endless debates over amnesty for illegal immigrants, the president's illegal implementation of the DREAM Act after it was rejected by Congress, and the current push that makes "comprehensive immigration reform" that includes amnesty but no security seem inevitable has not gone unnoticed by our neighbors to the south, and now we are reaping the consequences of our politicians' irresponsibility.


Immigration is one of the hot-button issues in the United States; some states have enacted anti-immigration laws that others think are unconstitutional. |
And while the politicians continue to debate amnesty, thousands of children are shuttled into overcrowded warehouses for processing. Thousands more illegals have been given their "notice to disappear," as many have taken to calling it, a notice to appear at a court hearing that will never happen, as they are dropped off at bus stations across the nation and left to go on their way. Our critical infrastructure is being strained to its limits, as current border facilities cannot sustain the influx; FEMA has been called out to help deal with this politically-created humanitarian crisis, and illegal immigrants are being spread throughout the nation, to spread the burden of the crisis in the hopes that our system might be able to keep up...keeping in mind that the spread of the immigrants must also necessitate the spread of the diseases they have brought with them. Scabies is becoming a major problem among these illegal immigrants.

What we are seeing in America today is no less than the beginning of the end of our freedom, as those with power ignore with impunity the laws meant to govern them, and the bodies charged with holding them accountable prefer to bow to perceived political realities rather than doing what is right because it is right.

So much in our nation is built on a house of cards. There is no firm foundation to sustain our nation or our freedoms, and the powers-that-be are too busy trying to replace the fallen cards to notice that they are losing the battle to keep our nation free.

Make no mistake: from without and within, what we face today is nothing short of the destruction of Western freedom. In the face of U.S. weakness on the international stage, Russia and China are moving toward ever stronger economic alliances, which is bad news for the West, as both of these superpowers have expressed their interest in moving away from the U.S. dollar for trade - a move that would pop the U.S. currency bubble, which has been inflated by never-ending quantitative easing.

We have lived recklessly for far too long, reveling in our abundance, heedless of the consequences. And now, like hangover after a long night of partying, we are starting to wake up to the inevitable results of our actions. The only question that remains is, will we learn the lesson in time to fix our mistakes?

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