Hypocrisy of Hobby Lobby

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Religon for corporations defies the 1st Amendment and logic

In the classic Kevin Smith film "Dogma", Chris Rock had a very memorable rant which, if viewed in the context of today's Burwell v Hobby Lobby ruling, goes a long way to explain the rampant hypocrisy and wrong-headed logic behind this decision.

In "Dogma," Chris Rock, who is playing a forgotten apostle named Rufus who has descended from Heaven, gripes that the thing that annoys God the most about the religious actions of mankind is "The Sh#t that gets carried out in his name."

One can safely assume that Rufus would indeed be rolling his eyes if he learned of today's draconian ruling by the Supreme Court. In this ruling, the court has essentially stated that closely held corporations may chose to withhold certain types of contraceptive care from their female employees if those contraceptive products are not congruent with the religious views of the corporation.

Corporate personhood and religious freedom as stand-alone principles are both very important. A corporation should be able to be held responsible, just like an individual, for behaving in accordance with the law. Further, the right to practice one's religion should never be undermined by the law. However, mixing the two concepts like this creates a truly toxic cocktail that leaves many people- especially women, in a highly untenable position.

What this ruling has done is create a terrible slippery slope that can serve to justify further attempts by companies to undermine people's health decisions on religious grounds. Corporate accountability and corporate personhood should not infer that corporations have a heart, a soul, and are capable of compassion or cognitive discourse. This ruling is yet another step into the Dark Ages, as we still live in a nation where women make .73 on the dollar to their male counterparts, and individual states continue to hammer away at the right to choose by enacting rigorous anti-abortion measures.

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