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Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby is a chain of retail arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, formerly called Hobby Lobby Creative Centers. CEO David Green has taken a public stance against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because of its inclusion of a provision mandating that companies provide access to the morning-after pill. | Photo: Getty Images | Link | Hobby Lobby, Obamacare, Birth Control, Pill, Controversy ,

The Right and the "Liberty" Crowd Exposed

Not only did the Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court provide the American public a rare glimpse into the minds of how special interest groups work to shape legislation for all of us. It also provided a rare glimpse into the minds of five mostly white, wealthy, religious, and highly partisan males who sit on the Supreme Court.

I think most Americans were appalled at what was revealed in those minds, and are collectively coming to grasps with the reality that our judiciary and congressional branches of government are firmly in the hands of big-money-special-interests groups, like the numerous ones that fund obscene "religious freedom" campaigns and "corporate personhood" campaigns.

What was also revealed, was that conservatives, the numerous conservatives who support these decisions, along with so-called "libertarians", who also support these decisions, is that these people really aren't about small government and individual liberty, nor do they champion our natural rights.

If they don't champion our inalienable natural rights, what exactly are their platforms designed to promote and advance, corporate governance by religious zealots?

How fraudulent a group, I suspected as much from the American Libertarian movement, as a libertarian myself, the history of term scales back over 200 years, and is the movement of socialist anarchists, not capitalistic corporatists.

I'm glad the veil has finally fallen, with their support for this Hobby Lobby decision, and with their continued support for Monsanto and the biotech industry's right to "free-speech" through corporate personhood, these so-called "libertarians" and conservatives, who in rhetoric cherish our natural rights, have been exposed by their actions, which support the evisceration of natural rights.

Their support for these decisions show them as collectivist corporatists, who believe the state, and not nature, has the power to grant rights and create life where there is only man-made constructs.

You can't support corporate personhood, and still support natural rights. The logic used to justify granting rights to non-person constructs, uses the state as the creator of rights and life, if that was true, the state could also take back the right to life, liberty and justice, and to the pursuit of happiness, under this erroneous logic.

Hopefully, a much needed division plays out in the American Libertarian party. A separation into three factions, the classical liberals (the bulk of the party), neocons and corporate conservatives (the 2nd most popular type of American libertarian and the biggest frauds), and then a third group, representing the folks who traverse from right to left, and find homes outside of the extremes. They truly need to clear their ranks of folks making the entire platform a farce and a complete contradiction from their own stated rhetoric.

The Conservatives really have nowhere else to descend to, and refuse to ascend to anything worthy of support, so I assume they'll die a most horrible death in 2016, and perhaps even in the 2014 midterms. I've been wrong plenty, but I would honestly be surprised if my fellow citizens (assuming they show up to vote), will support the regressive ideas of the Conservative and American Libertarian parties, and their continued attacks on our natural rights by the use of collectivist institutions like state-chartered corporations.

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