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Time to stop playing politics and do what is right.

The current crisis on our southern border has been building for decades, as America's political class has repeatedly abdicated their responsibility to protect our nation through the years, allowing lawlessness to prevail along our border, and then citing a history of lawlessness to justify today's lawlessness.

But instead of looking back at the failures of the past to justify the failures of today, it is time to do something novel: it is time to fix the problem.

Illegal immigrants are pouring across our border - thousands more every day. And unlike what the mainstream media and the politicians are reporting, it is more than just unaccompanied children crossing our border. These illegal immigrants are bringing diseases with them. There have been reports of scabies, lice, tuberculosis, swine flu, dengue fever, and more as people continue to flood our border. Cramped conditions in processing centers provide ideal circumstances for these diseases to spread; there have already been reports of border agents contracting scabies while working to process the thousands of immigrants that have been dumped on them. And with the presence of Ebola in Africa, which could all too easily spread to Central America, the dangers on our southern border are very, very real.

To make matters worse, in order to make room in the overwhelmed processing centers on the border, the federal government has been bussing these illegal immigrants all across the nation. In some areas, people have been asked to open up their homes to house illegal immigrant children.

These "unaccompanied minors" are not all innocent children who have been sent to America for a better life. Many members of MS-13, a violent Central American gang, are among the "unaccompanied minors" illegally crossing our border. While they fall into the category of "unaccompanied minors" due to their age, some of these kids have told stories of how they began murdering and torturing people as young as 8 as members of MS-13, and yet, we are allowing these violent criminals into the United States.

While the potential for creating nationwide epidemics of diseases and violent crime is the most disturbing factor in the crisis on our Southern border, the government-enforced silence from border agents and medical care providers is nearly as disturbing. Multiple media reports have exposed the fact that border agents and medical personnel who are working on processing and screening these thousands of illegal immigrants have been ordered by the government to keep quiet about conditions in processing centers along the border. Medical personnel have had their cell phones confiscated when they show up to work, and are threatened with termination if they are found with a cell phone or camera inside the processing facilities. It is only through defiance of these orders that the American people have been able to get some scant information about what is really going on along our Southern border, and it is this stifling of information that is likely responsible for the fact that only one town, Murietta, California, has protested the federal government bringing bus-loads of illegal immigrants into their community.

But we now know that the government saw this coming. Postings on government job sites dating back to January of this year prove that the government has been hiring people to handle an uptick in unaccompanied minor traffic across our border?and yet they did nothing to stem the oncoming tidal wave of illegal immigrants.

President Obama visited Texas one of the epicenters of the border crisis, but he has refused to visit the border and see first-hand the conditions there. Maybe he's afraid of getting too close to some of these MS-13 gang members, or of contracting a disease, or maybe he just doesn't want the press filming and taking pictures of the true conditions on our border. Instead of taking action on our border, President Obama chose to visit Texas to do a couple of fundraisers for the Democrat Party. When the president extended an invitation to Texas Governor Rick Perry to meet him on the tarmac when he arrived in Austin, Perry refused, requesting instead to take the president to the border and have a serious discussion about the crisis and how best to deal with it. It was only at Perry's prompting that President Obama decided to sit down with the governor to talk about the border.

The Obama administration has requested $4 billion in funds to help deal with the situation on the border, but there is no evidence as yet that the president is going to do anything to fix this crisis. The president has threatened to take executive action and go around Congress if they fail to pass "comprehensive immigration reform" that includes amnesty, yet he has done nothing to act on his own within the bounds of the law. No National Guard troops have been deployed to our Southern border to turn people away. It would be much cheaper and easier for the president to ask Congress to suspend or repeal the law that allows unaccompanied minors and other illegal aliens to stay in the United States with their "permisos" - that is, a Notice to Appear at the deportation hearings at which few illegals actually appear. They could then give these illegal immigrants a hot meal and a plane ride home, instead of spreading them all across the nation and releasing them.

But when it comes to the border, President Obama isn't interested in fixing anything. The problems with our border and our immigration system may have been created long before he was in office, but since becoming president, Barack Obama has done nothing but make the problem worse.

He has been extraordinarily lax on border enforcement, while telling America that the border has never been more secure.

His Department of "Justice" sued the state of Arizona when they passed a bill authorizing state law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws.

His administration eased restrictions on immigrants would-be immigrants who have "limited" ties to terrorist organizations (this was done shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing, which was committed by legal immigrants with limited ties to terrorist organizations).

He illegally implemented the DREAM Act after it was rejected by Congress, granting de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants with no violent criminal history?because, you know, the government tracks the criminal history of all illegal immigrants so accurately.

This is a crisis which, if left unabated, could quite literally tear our nation apart. The infrastructure along our border has been overwhelmed, and our border agents are so consumed dealing with the deluge that God only knows what volume of illegal drugs, violent criminals, and terrorists are taking advantage of the lapse.

But President Obama's only solution is "comprehensive immigration reform," which includes amnesty, and he is willing to sacrifice our republic in order to get it. We tried amnesty once, and it was an utter failure. It's time to try something new.

As long as President Obama continues to fund-raise, vacation, and whine and complain about how those evil Republicans won't rubber-stamp his agenda rather than doing something to fix the problem, he puts our nation in jeopardy. This isn't leadership, it's wanton destruction. Where is our leader?

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