The Insanity of Ceasefire

Israelei Rocket Launcher
Israelei Rocket Launcher
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Why Israel should keep fighting.

For nearly a month now, Israel has been engaged in an offensive to stop Hamas terrorists from their continuing campaign to wipe out the nation of Israel and every Jew who lives there. And, as happens each and every time Israel sends its military forces out to engage these terrorists, the world community has turned against Israel in its quest to defend itself.

The oddest thing about how so many around the world rise up to oppose Israel's defensive military actions is that these same world leaders who condemn Israel would show nowhere near the same restraint Israel has shown if they were facing similar circumstances. The people protesting in the streets of Europe and America would have much less of a problem with civilian casualties if terrorist rockets were raining down on their cities, instead of just on a bunch of Jews. Even some politicians here in the United States, long Israel's closest ally, will in one breath state that Israel has a right to defend itself, and with the next breath denounce Israel for taking defensive action.

It doesn't help, of course, that both Israel and Hamas have very well-developed propaganda arms, so that no one believes anything the other side says about what actually went on anywhere in the conflict. It also doesn't help that news outlets across the globe always give news reports from Israel with a noticeable slant toward whichever side of the conflict they support.

While it's difficult to find anything positive while people are dying (other than the fact that quite a few of the dead are terrorists), the current hostilities have brought some much-needed moral clarity to the ongoing conflict (if you ever had doubts about the morality of the situation to begin with).

Throughout the conflict, Israel has used unprecedented means to avoid killing or injuring Palestinian civilians. They call homes in the areas around where they're getting ready to drop bombs on Hamas weapons caches to warn civilians to evacuate. They drop leaflets before they drop bombs. They have come up with an innovative warning system where they "knock" on residential buildings, dropping a smaller, low-yield shell to give people notice that a larger bomb will soon be incoming. Never before in the history of warfare has a military force gone to such lengths to avoid civilian casualties. I'm sure that many Hamas terrorists have lived longer lives thanks to Israel's efforts to avoid civilian casualties.

Meanwhile, Hamas continues to hide their rockets in civilian homes, mosques, and even schools. A cache of missiles was recently found at a U.N. run school, and was returned to the terrorists, rather than being destroyed. Hamas has been telling Palestinians to stay in their homes, or to return to their homes right away after getting notice from the IDF of an impending bombing.

Putting civilians in the line of fire is to Hamas' benefit. Every time an innocent dies in an IDF air strike, it gives them more ammunition to play it up for sympathy on the world stage, so they work very hard to get innocent people killed...and, sadly, far too many in the global community buy into it.

What's more, Israel has a very good motivation to continue their campaign against Hamas. They had initially thought that Hamas had a few tunnels going into Israel, but they have found that Hamas' tunnel network was much more extensive than they originally thought. Hamas was planning to use those tunnels for a major offensive, and if Israel had not acted in time, God only knows how many Israeli innocents the terrorists would have killed, or kidnapped for ransom. One thing is for certain: Hamas wouldn't be giving any warnings to tell innocents to clear the area before their attack.

This is why it is so bizarre to see that the Secretary of State of the United States of America is palling around with the terrorists' allies from Turkey and Qatar, and putting forward a cease-fire agreement that included pretty much everything the Hamas terrorists have been demanding, and why it is so disturbing that the Obama administration has embraced the new Palestinian Unity Government - unity between Fatah and Hamas.

No wonder the terrorists have grown so bold.

With rockets raining down on their nation each and every day, and cold-blooded terrorists looking for new and more efficient ways to kill their people, I find it very hard to blame Israel for pushing hard to take out as many terrorists as possible, destroy their weapons, and dismantle their tunnel network. After all, while every cease-fire is an opportunity for peace in Israel, Hamas uses every cease-fire as a chance to regain their strength and replenish their weapons stockpiles, so they can begin the violence all over again.

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