When Allies Go Wrong

Passion near the West Bank
Passion near the West Bank
A Palestinian woman clashing with Israeli soldier during a demonstration against the controversial security barrier near the West Bank village of Al-Zawiya, north west of Qalqelya city. This image by EPA photographer Alaa Badarneh won the prestigious Qattan Journalism Prize from the Tom Hurndall Prize committee. | Photo: Alaa Badarneh | Link | Palestine, Israel, Soldier, Woman, Clash, Gaza, War, Fight, Scream, Gun,

Should Israel Be Our Ally?

While most consider the State of Israel our ally, I am beginning to hold some serious reservations with aligning with a state currently engaged in activities that qualify as genocide. Nor do I believe it is in our best interest to align with a state guilty of mass violations of human rights on numerous levels, against the civilians residing in the Palestinian territories, according to the United Nations.

What's worse, is that the State of Israel has infiltrated our press to the point of shaping the narrative so much in their favor, many Americans have no idea about the situation in this country.

I grew up in a town that was home to the largest Arabic population outside of the Middle East, and came to understand the situation in the Middle East from a different viewpoint. In my research of the history, I always found it odd that a few facts are always ignored during the discussion of the current situation between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Territories and our relationship with the State of Israel.

Since the area has been in a transitional period for a very long time, the current conflict between Israel and Palestine has its roots in the late 1930s, and the push for the creation of the Zionist state, even using terroristic methods to push forward that agenda. After World War II the creation of the State of Israel by the United Nations came with a plan to structure a separate Arab state out of the Palestinian Territories since the people living in those Palestinian territories were mostly Arabic.

Unfortunately, war quickly ensued as the majority of indigenous Arabs wanted an all-inclusive state, so not to keep them separate from the prosperity a modern state like Israel would and did bring to the region. Israel had every right to defend itself in the war of 1948, but it created the cracks that later turned into major fault lines in the region over the decades that followed. Fast forward to the Six Day War in 1967, and once again the region was at war.

In 1967, it seemed as if Russia was the biggest offender in the region, by supposedly crafting a cold war strategy of misinformation to set the region in flames in order to gain control of the oil rich territory. Unfortunately for Russia, Israel's military was so far superior to the bigger armies of the opposing militaries, that they pierced devastating blows to crucial infrastructure and military capabilities in the UAR (now Egypt) with such quickness, precision, and force. The region could only retreat and hope the UN stopped their newly chartered state from destroying them.

In my eyes, Israel should have never attacked, according to the sources from the CIA to the Israeli Prime Ministers over the years, to the President of the UAR at the time, everyone knew Israel would destroy the under trained militaries of the UAR, Jordan and Syria, even if they combined their efforts against the smaller, but more advanced Israeli military. If this was all understood, why did Israeli feel they had to fire the first shot?

Either way, all the parties in the region were at fault for the Six Day War, but what is more troubling is what ensued following the war, the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories, which is going on its fifth decade, and occupation that has led the State of Israel to committing acts of genocide in my view.

How insane is the rhetoric of a state, if that rhetoric leads your state to commit actions that qualify as genocide under the Genocide Convention? Henry Siegman (President of the U.S./Middle East Project) stated it best in an interview with Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh from DemocracyNow, "... decent people can watch evil and do nothing about it. That is the most important lesson of the Holocaust, not the Hitler and not the SS, but the public that allowed this to happen. And my deep disappointment is that the Israeli public, precisely because Israel is a democracy and cannot say, 'We're not responsible what our leaders do', that the public puts these people back into office again and again ".

Do we really want to align ourselves with states committing mass acts of human rights violations? Do we really want to fund, arm, and defend that kind of state with our hard worked for tax dollars? Is it in our general welfare to align with a state currently engaged in apartheid like actions against the Palestinian people?

Hamas is a terrorist organization without a doubt; they oppress their people and play a vital role in this conflict. But when a terrorist is holding innocent civilians hostage, you try to disengage the hostages from the terrorists, if you can't do that, you don't opt to kill everyone instead that's the logic of insane people, and why over a thousand innocent Palestinian civilians have been murdered over the past few weeks.

Israeli Soldier and a family
Israeli Soldier and a family

An Israeli soldier speaks with a women and two children during the conflict between Israel and Hamas. There has been much speculation about the circumstances of this photograph and no clear explanation has resulted however the faces and gun speak volumes. | Photo: Unknown | Israel, Soldier, War, Family, Child, Fear,

If this is the time your mind repeats the institutionalized bit of misinformation it has been ingrained with, that Hamas is using human shields and that is why there are so many civilian deaths, then read this bit from Amnesty International who is actually on the ground in Palestine. They state, " Amnesty International is monitoring and investigating such reports, but does not have evidence at this point that Palestinian civilians have been intentionally used by Hamas or Palestinian armed groups during the current hostilities to "shield" specific locations or military personnel or equipment from Israeli attacks."

Israel fights out against presenting the above narrative, denies they are occupying Palestine, even though you can hear their drones flying above the city like some insane Sci-Fi movie, terrorizing citizens with the threat of attack at any moment. The State of Israel will play as if they left the region, even though this report by the UN clearly states how Israel is continuing their occupation via their land, sea, and air blockades.

The State of Israel will go to great lengths to keep their narrative repeated on the corporate news every night, even to the point of infiltrating our policy making intuitions, and spying on our governing and corporate institutions. According to the CIA, the State of Israel represents the third largest cyber threat to the sovereignty of our nation right behind Russia and China. I'm no foreign affairs expert, but if a supposed ally is on a list with two supposed enemies, perhaps we should consider having them as an ally.

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