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Israelei Soldier
Israelei Soldier
Historically, Israel has exempted most of its Arab citizens from the military, in part because of distrust and in part because compulsory service could force Israeli Arabs into a position of divided loyalty. | Photo: Reuters | Israel, Soldier, War, Gun, Fear,

No one should have to die over religiously-driven politics

It's time to rethink the Middle East. Israel? It was perhaps a bad idea. Taking all the Jews in Europe who survived the World War II holocaust and carving out for them a brand new state based on religion, Judaism, smack in the middle of an area with a competing religion (Muslim), and in which the long-time inhabitants, Palestinians, had to make way for the new state of Israel.

Perhaps it could have been handled more intelligently.
Palestine? That word came from the Philistines, and come on, it's about time we move onto something more modern than an ancient tribe of yokels who produced the biggest heavyweight loser of all time----Goliath.

The site chosen for Israel in 1948 was picked because Jerusalem was the Jewish ancestral homeland, but not much after 539 B.C. when Babylon conquered it and dispersed the Jews (called the diaspora) around Europe and later the world.

Here's what we do. Combine the Jewish and Palestinian peoples into one state with equal representation in a parliament, free of religious bias, and prohibit extremists on both sides, Arab and Zionist. Then what we have are two peoples who used to "smite" (kill) the hell out of each other and who were still doing it up until a few weeks ago, but who now share a common bond.

First of all, a state founded on the right of only one religion and which makes that one religion all-important is bound to fail. Every decision that is made has to justify the religion, not what's good for its people. Writing this will get me called an anti-Semite and I'm not, but the Zionist nuts calling me that call me that because I'm not of their religion, which is the point I just made.

Why should people who have olive-colored skin and who look so much alike kill each other?

Because they are of different religions.

The Palestinians, for their part, can't deny and should not attempt to the importance of Jerusalem for historical Jewry and the need of Jews to exist in the land of their original 12 tribes.

But if we form a new cooperative, multi-ethnic state that includes Israelis, Palestinians, Kurds and others, what should we call the new state? How about Canaan? The new state of Canaan. Canaan was there before there was an Israel or a Palestine. In fact, Canaan included what became the ancient tribal city states of Israel and the Philistines (today's Palestinians), even though they smited (killed) each other back then much as they do today.

The old area of Canaan included peoples in what is today modern Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, the western part of Jordan and Southwestern Syria.

We take all of these olive-skinned, black-haired peoples and we amalgamate them into a new super state called "Canaan." Participation and representation free of religious bias (Jewish or Muslim) will tamp down the animosities and violence. The body is run much in the same manner as British Parliament with elected officials representing districts of constituents.

We throw out that crazy Star of David because that is a modern symbol and the real King David wouldn't recognize it and he never represented the entire region anyway, but simply one tribe. Likewise, we discard crazy Arabic symbols that don't mean squat to common sense.

Elected officials in this new state must run for office like in any parliamentary democracy, and the election process is overseen by the United Nations, which sends workers to organize the process, as well as peacekeeping troops to back it up.

Haters and fanatics are weeded out through background checks on their backgrounds thanks to the same kind of push button big brother computerization that today can at the push of a button find out that you were arrested in 1979 for drunk driving.

To survive, any new state needs an influx of good jobs particularly for young people who will then settle down, buy homes and cars and raise families. The United States, currently the world's policeman, which spends billions nation building and shipping expensive military hardware to Israel, could easily pump jobs into the area by giving tax incentives and special bonus payoffs to Walmart and other employers fleeing the U.S. in search of cheaper workers.

We're spending the money already on weapons. Why not nation-build where it might do some good?

The ultimate goal would be to create a union where moderates in the Arab World who don't believe the only good Jew is a dead Jew, and those in Israel who believe Palestinians are not inferior sub-humans, could find common ground in a shared state they both inhabit.

Jews and Muslims are both peoples of the ancient book (Bible or Quran) with slightly different interpretations.

No one should have to die because of religiously-driven political considerations.

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