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Rick Perry
Rick Perry
James Richard "Rick" Perry, born March 4, 1950, is an American politician who is the 47th and current governor of Texas. A Republican, he was elected lieutenant governor of Texas in 1998. | Photo: Biff Henderson | Link | Rick Perry, Governor, Texas, Glasses, Republican, Handsome,

Just a few notes in the political news plus a Cubs story

Democratic Sen. John Walsh of Montana is dropping out of a senate race because of the furor over allegations he plagiarized material for his Master's Thesis at the United States Army War College in 2007. Walsh earlier blamed his copying of someone else's content due to having combat post traumatic stress disorder, but backtracked on the comments after veterans complained he was making lame excuses. Walsh made a brief statement that he was withdrawing from the race to fulfill his responsibilities as a senator.

It remained unclear if Walsh would make a formal resignation speech by copying word for word George Washington's famous farewell to his troops.

Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown, attempting to gain election in New Hampshire and thus represent two states as a senator, is having a rough go. Brown blasted the Obama Administration for supporting "in-state" school tuition for illegal immigrants, but backtracked when voters found out he supported the same proposal in 2004. While campaigning in New Hampshire, he used the word "Massachusetts" in a speech referring to voters, confusing the two states. He later hid in a bathroom rather than answer questions about companies providing women's contraception.

Also, in a separate incident, a Brown supporter sent a letter to New Hampshire democrats full of obscenities and racist taunts.

Brown said despite flip-flopping on issues, dodging them, and appealing to racist supporters, he's the ideal candidate for political office.

A long time Washington State prosecutor is running for reelection against a very unusual challenger----a dog. The incumbent Republican David McEachran declined comment. However, Frank James, a Democrat, said he entered his dog Nyima in the race because no one has challenged McEachran in 10 years.

Thus McEachran has real cause to worry, facing a candidate who is loyal, honest, gives unconditional love to constituents, shows guilt when he's done something wrong, listens carefully to voters, and plays with their children.

Rick Perry
Rick Perry

James Richard "Rick" Perry, born March 4, 1950, is an American politician who is the 47th and current governor of Texas. A Republican, he was elected lieutenant governor of Texas in 1998. | Photo: Biff Henderson |
A toddler managed to squeeze through a small gap in the fence at the White House, prompting a full-on armed response by rifle-wielding Secret Service personnel. The baby was quickly reunited with his parents. The child later said "Goo-goo, gaa-gaa!"

Translated that means, "I don't see what all the fuss was about using Obama's bathroom, I needed a diaper change and my parents are tax payers."

American coal producers are shipping "dirty" polluting coal to underdeveloped overseas countries with the apparent idea that if it fouls the air of those countries----we make a profit and the greenhouse gas is their problem---not ours. Thus, we can say we're cleaner, and they aren't, and blame global warming on them.

This shocking breach of intelligence, decency and morality based on greed, gives new meaning to the following stanza from the song America the Beautiful. "America, America, God shed his smog on thee."

A Russian space craft carrying live gecko lizards to see how the animals breed in outer space as part of a sex study failed to respond to commands and was drifting aimlessly above the earth's surface.

Gecko's can't speak Russian, but if they could their response would probably be, "How can I get it up floating around this tin can, get me down from here you vodka-drinking sonofabitch!"

Two leading Republicans for the presidency in 2016 insulted each other, Texas Governor Rick Perry calling Kentucky Senator and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul an isolationist whose views will endanger America, while Paul, who likened Perry to a military jingo who wants to involve America in foreign wars and entanglements, took the moral high road, calling Perry the fifth grade equivalent of "Four Eyes."

"Apparently his (Perry's) new eye glasses haven't allowed him to see any more clearly," Paul said. The inter-Republican candidates fray was joined by former Vice President Dick Cheney, who never served in the military, and who took Perry's view, offering a warning for people he said who might be tired of war, as if it's wrong to be tired of war. "We're the only ones who can lead the (war) effort," said Cheney, who predicted in 2003 that the Iraq War would take merely a few weeks, and we would be greeted as liberators, thus proving once again, that if you take the opposite of whatever Dick Cheney says----that's usually what happens.

Texas Governor Rick Perry unveiled a new plan he said will counter millions of Central American children marching north to gain illegal entry into the U.S. by using tiny patrol cars and searchlights, border fences three-feet-two-inches in height, and candy-bar-sniffing dogs, the program to be titled, "Children Should be Deported, Not Heard."

Officials of the Chicago Cubs baseball team have filed suit against three men who rotate playing an unauthorized team mascot called "Billy Cub" who appears in a bear suit at games. The charges include dancing with ticket-holders, improperly soliciting tips by posing for photos, and making profane gestures or obscene remarks to fans.

Asked for comment, instead of raising the middle index finger as the typical Cubs fan would have, the guy in the Billy Cub suit denied the charges by raising a middle index claw.

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