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Michael Brown
Michael Brown
The shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, United States. Brown was an unarmed 18-year-old African American man who was shot by a Ferguson police officer. The incident sparked protests and acts of vandalism in the St. Louis suburb as well as national calls for an investigation into the incident. | Michael Brown, Shooting, Killed, Police, Unarmed,

How does this help anyone's cause?

A widespread outbreak of insanity seems to have gripped Ferguson, MO, with no sign of letting up. While authorities desperately grapple for control of the situation, violence and looting continue nightly. The New Black Panthers are on the scene, working to incite even more violence, and keep things stirred up. On Saturday night, the first night of an officially imposed curfew in Ferguson, the violence not only continued, but escalated, with reports of police retreating under fire from rioters. The ongoing looting has devastated small businesses throughout the town.

But as evidence continues to emerge about the shooting of Michael Brown, it's looking more and more as though the shooting may have been justified after all. Authorities released security camera footage that allegedly shows Michael Brown pushing around a store owner, as he and his friend steal a box of cigars - his friend who, by the way, has given multiple press interviews accusing the police officer of murdering Brown. New video has surfaced, and a conversation that occurs off-screen is rather telling, with an apparent witness stating that Michael Brown was initially running away, but then rushed the officer. This is much more in line with the officer's reported account of events - and there are more witnesses coming forward corroborating the officer's account of what happened.
The family commissioned its own autopsy of Michael Brown's body, and the results have been posted far and wide across the Internet by now. Brown was shot at least six times, all from the front. This doesn't mean anything conclusive, but it does prove wrong all of those who claimed Brown was shot in the back while running away. One more step closer to the truth...

There are also reports that the officer suffered an orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket. This means that, during his altercation with Brown, he was struck in the face hard enough to break the bones around his eye.

And now, the Department of Justice will be conducting their own autopsy, and there are reports that Attorney General Holder will be travelling to Ferguson in person to lead the Department of Justice investigation. This will be the third autopsy being performed. Apparently, they will continue to cut Michael Brown's body open until they find the racism they are so desperate to confirm.

The circumstances surrounding the deaths of young black men in America bears some resemblance to discussions about the N-word. "It's okay if we say it to each other, but if a white person says it, then watch out." Young black men can die at the hands of other young black men by the hundreds in cities across America, and no one seems to care, but when one white cop shoots a young black man, there are protests and riots and looting even before anyone knows any facts about what really happened.

How does this help anyone's cause?
How does the death of one young man somehow make it okay to riot in the streets, throw Molotov cocktails at law enforcement officers, bash in shop windows, and steal from stores with impunity?

Eric Holder
Eric Holder

Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. (born January 21, 1951) is the 82nd and current Attorney General of the United States and the first black American to hold the position, serving under President Barack Obama. |
In 1987, Tawana Brawley claimed that she was raped by a group of white men, two of them law enforcement officers, the other a prosecutor. There were rallies, protests, marches, and outrage across America...but eventually, it was discovered that Brawley had made it up.

In 2006, members of the lacrosse team at Duke University were accused of raping an African-American stripper. There was national outrage, and the Duke students were stereotyped as rich, white and entitled. It didn't take long for authorities to find that her story didn't add up, primarily because she kept changing it. It was later discovered that the story was fabricated.

And I think we all remember the case of Trayvon Martin, where the evidence didn't support the narrative perpetrated by the race-baiters and the media, even after George Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury.

Anytime one of these events takes place, it is held up as evidence of widespread racism on the part of white people. When it turns out to be a lie, and that racism had nothing to do with it, the news story just fades away, until the next incident.

"A nation of cowards"
--Eric Holder
Several years ago, Attorney General Eric Holder called America "a nation of cowards," claiming that we shy away from addressing racial issues in real ways in America - and while he was right in some ways, how are we supposed to have a real conversation about race in America when so many high-profile accusations turn out to be lies, or when simply disagreeing with a black president's policies brings accusations of racism? Attorney General Holder himself has implied that the Contempt of Congress charges against him were racially motivated. And considering that in the past he has shown racial bias in his official capacity, refusing to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers who were engaged in blatant voter intimidation during the 2008 election.

We will never be able to have a substantive discussion on race that leads to actual solutions while accusations of racism are thrown around for political purposes, and lies are assumed to be true long after they have been disproved simply because they break down a group's preconceived notions about a racial incident.

If the officer did commit murder, then he should be tried, convicted, and serve out whatever sentence the courts hand down...but it helps no one to try the case in a court of public opinion where all of the evidence is based on lies.

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