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Ferguson Police
Ferguson Police
Army fatigues, armored vehicles, tear gas, AR-15s ? it?s the war-ready imagery not just of Gaza and Iraq but Ferguson, Missouri, a town of 21,000 with zero murders on the books in 2014. | Photo: Scott Olson | Link | Ferguson, Police, Riot, Michael Brown,

You're Drunk with Unjustified Power Again

Yes, I'm aware that unsavory folks were looting, rioting, and creating a threat to the local community in Ferguson each night during the Michael Brown Protests. I'm also aware that the biggest threat to those local community members was the state, and the various agents sent to rule over the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. The plan to create a nightly and even a daily opportunity to wield force upon citizens uniting for a common cause was displayed for all of us to see, at least until they violated the press's ability to do their job.

Without fail, the police, acting as mom and dad, ordered peaceful adults home from their public protests as to say, "That's enough for tonight kids, we'll pretend to listen again tomorrow when it is convenient for us."

Which is very odd, I never recall placing a vote on whether the government could order me home for no reason, nor do I recall ever placing a vote to give police officers the right to use deadly force, nor have I ever placed a vote to give the state the right to intimidate and obstruct our so-called "free" press from covering the state's actions out in public.

Which means those folks in Ferguson were being abused by an authoritarian state drunk on unjustified and undemocratically derived power they gave themselves. How frightening, but how so expected in a society that isn't a true democracy, it only poses as one. And like any false persona, our true self is revealed in times of stress and conflict, and what has been revealed is a gross violation of government authority.

Since we have laws to prevent the military from serving as police, the government, ignoring its own laws, outfitted local police (who are comprised of numerous former military members) with military equipment, weapons, and vehicles; and all of that was done by the state without the authority of our citizens.

What exactly is the role of the state if not to protect and serve the public interest? The public interest in Ferguson is to demonstrate publicly that they deserve to have a policing institution that is representative of their community, and that policing institution should not be using deadly force as a first and only option or instigate benign stops to result in physical confrontations.

Those citizens in Ferguson were demonstrating that they are not a threat to the police because the color of their skin or the amount of money they make or do not make, their protests are in their public interest, so why were they being halted by the state?

Instead of listening, our government decided it best, without our authority, to lob toxic gas grenades at their faces, shoot rubber bullets at them, blockade off entire neighborhoods from the press and abuse their powers by hiding their activities from public eyes, all while placing a no-fly zone over the entire area to avoid any transparency from above.

That is not how a democracy operates, which means we aren't a democracy, we aren't governing ourselves or even selecting representation to govern in our name. We are being ruled over, and merely running through the motions each election cycle filled with gerrymandered establishment candidates in order to present a fa?ade for this truly authoritarian state, currently drunk on its unjustified power.

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