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afraid, agitated, annoyed, apprehensive, basket case, bothered, concerned, distressed, disturbed, edgy, excitable, fidgety, fitful, flustered, fussy*, hesitant, high-strung, hysterical, irritable, jittery, jumpy, nervy, neurotic, on edge, overwrought, querulous, restive, ruffled, sensitive, shaky*, shrinking, shy, skittish, snappish... | Photo: | Jealous, Stubborn, Lying, Cheating, Nervous, Scared,

A method for clearing the negative internal mind clutter

It seems as if all the media is conspiring to broadcast news of chaos and disharmony. From wars and terrorists to corrupt banksters and politicians, GMO's and climate change...a never-ending story of these unsettling times.

Sometimes it feels so unsafe that we need to have some sort of Aladdin's lamp to turn to whenever we feel overwhelmed, confused or just plain depressed. Wouldn't it be great to have our very own genie to help us navigate the daily onslaught of disharmony? How can we cope with all of these stresses and still find peace, joy, pleasure, wellness and abundance? There are so many new age "gurus" and experts that seem to have all the answers. Yet when you start following their advice or end up following them and giving up your own personal powers within, you may still feel out of balance.

Every day there's a flavor of the month so-called expert to lead you to Nirvana. From Oprah to Chopra, Tolle to Transcendental Meditation, Dr. Phil to (The Wizard of) Dr. Oz. We may feel confused as to which one to listen to, what voice to trust, who to believe in. What if all we had to do is believe in the still small voice inside us that is the most powerful presence on this planet today? But how do you access that voice within?

Many people proclaim to be the best and others have all the answers, which are as simple as buying this program or that gizmo or this protective shield or these five steps to awakening. If you've tried them all and the hocus-pocus just seems to lead you down another path away from your personal truth, then perhaps you may wish to learn more about "The Genie Codes."

The Genie Codes are designed to help you harness the POWER within.
The Mind
The Mind

A mind is the set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory a characteristic of humans, but which also may apply to other life forms. |
Here are a few ways it can help: 1) Release limiting behaviors and unconscious cellular memories. 2) Rapidly reprogram brain patterns. 3) Consistently broadcast highly charged frequencies. 4) Maintain a clear and open channel to Grace. 5) Fees your magnetic manifesting fuel with positive vibrations. 6) Assist you to stay connected to your higher self.

The founder of this process, Eduardo Flores was born in Ecuador and at an early age felt a calling to be close to God. Even as a young boy, he had a sense of the divine presence. He was drawn to the illumined teacher Paramahansa Yogananda, and was guided to the path of Kriya Yoga, a teaching of divine union with God. Many of you on the spiritual path have become aware of the Self Realization Fellowship. Flores became a Monk and spent twenty two years learning the principles of God communion through Kriya Meditation and the scientific rules of quantum healing.

From his early days in the monastery Flores has developed tools to healing and transformation which he is now sharing with those who are ready to awaken to the hidden powers within. He has become a well-known intuitive healer and a transformation counselor.

Now he is a highly sought out worldwide leader, guide and speaker presenting his divine vision of how to activate the Laws of Abundance through the high frequency of spirit. He has created a method which is user friendly to access issues relating to health, relationships, career, wealth and spirituality. The tools and methods which he has been downloaded are codes which endow people to go within and tap into the superconscious mind allowing them to generate a life that is filled with peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

"The Genie Codes" is a simple to use, comprehensive system for bringing the work to all who are open. The brilliance of The "Genie Codes" is that it can be practiced by anyone with transformational results."

If you are seeking a self-actualized method to access your own hidden genie, check out

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