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Homeward bound

It has been said that only that which is worth dying for, is truly worth living for...
"My name is Abu Hamza al-Amrikee. I am an American. And I am a Muslim. I am an American Muslim. But let me be absolutely clear: before I am an American, I am a Muslim. In other words, my allegiance is first and foremost to Allah, to God, not to America.

As a true, devout Muslim, my God-ordained life duty is to spread Islam to the uttermost ends of the earth, and to bring about the re-establishment of The Caliphate, or the Islamic State: that which represents the height of Islam's glory, and the rightfully ordained state of the world. Yet this was stolen from us, as for the past several centuries Muslims have been the ongoing victims of humiliation and subjugation at the hands of Western powers. At the hands of God-hating, infidel pigs. But praise be to Allah, the One who is just, for truly He has ordained that now is the time for all Muslims worldwide to unite in the re-establishment of the Caliphate, the Islamic State!

I have chosen to reject the narcissistic ways America and the West have wholly embraced for a life of utter devotion to Allah. And it is for this simple reason that I left America and traveled to Syria to join and be trained by ISIS and fight in the great Jihad, the great Holy War currently upon us. And as this is not merely any Holy War, but is the final Jihad, the final Holy War that will bring about the full re-establishment of The Caliphate, and usher in Yum al-Deen, "The Day of Judgment", there truly is no greater cause I could devote my every lasting breath of life to.

But I do not expect to see the full, re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate in my lifetime. Instead, I will be one of the blessed that dies a shaheed, a martyr, in this Holy War. I will die a martyr because I will not withdraw from the crusade. I will not step away from the front lines. Now that I have put my hands to the plow, I will never look back. I will fight in this Holy War until the day I die and become a martyr for Allah!

In my name - Abu Hamza al-Amrikee - I see the larger picture that represents my God-ordained destiny. And that is to take this Jihad, this Holy War back to America; to take this Holy War to 'The Great Satan' herself! Truly, the American infidel pigs must pay for their savage aggression, for the un-holy war they continue to wage on Muslims worldwide. And now after all of our years of suffering the brutal killings, torture and abuse at the hands of the evil American regime, the time has come for America, The Great Satan, to pay.

Many people call our crusade evil. They say our methods of spreading true and pure Islam and re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate are heinous and gruesome beyond anything imaginable. They say we are merciless monsters who kill without discrimination; who brutally murder innocent civilians. Yet this judgment is premature to say the least. We have yet to even begin to show the world what we - with the help of Allah - can and will do to those who continue to try and prevent our God-given right of seeing the full re-establishment of The Caliphate. We will hold nothing back in our Jihad, our Holy War. And we will prevail. We will prevail because Allah is on our side!
Truly, in this Holy War, we are bringing the Kingdom of God closer to earth, one day and one infidel's soul at a time."

Yes, it has been said that only that which is worth dying for, is truly worth living for...
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