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Savannah Dining: A Poeyum

Savannah food
Savannah food
A delicious something burger, with a pickle. | Photo: Archives | Savannah, Food, Burger, Taste,

The dining in Savannah, Georgia

The people are kind
And love their pork rinds
and nobody is wasting away.

Take a beer as you go
(Just let the bartender know)
In Savannah drinking outside is ok

But it's the shrimp and grits
That tickle my bits
A great lunch to eat everyday

Though, nothing tastes better
or makes my mouth wetter
than dry rub ribs: a southern forte

Just a bit carnal
and no doubt quite harmful
Meat so good you'll forget a bad day

I guess that it's stupid
To think cuz it's humid
That when you're done you'll just walk away

Because as everyone knows
that you can't touch your toes
If you eat barbeque each day

But I say loosen those belts
When meat almosts melts
It's a mistake to not simply obey

Fried Green Tomatoes seem light
next to the dishes in sight
and it's definitely worth a forray

Mac and cheese on the side
basically all food is fried
but it's better than any saute

Cornbread is just right
with baked beans in one bite
could be used just like 'pb and j'

So when you're in the south
you'll have sauce on your mouth
as you visit the world's best buffet!

My trip to Savannah
was a good food bananza
and I loved what I ate twice a day

It's more than a meal
that gives that southern feel.
Try and visit for more than a day

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