Obama the Warlord

Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. He was born on August 4, 1961 and as of 2010 his reported net worth was US$ 11.8 million. | Photo: | Barack Obama, President, Democrat, Liberal, 2012,

A War Hawk Dressed as a Dove

John Mackinlay has defined the term warlord as, "The leader of an armed band, possibly numbering up to several thousand fighters, who can hold territory locally and at the same time act financially and politically in the international system without interference from the state in which he is based."

Enter President Obama, full of shit and guile, the President is once again beating the drums of war to fight ISIS/ISIL in Iraq and Syria, which will only benefit those who benefit most from war (Halliburton, Veritas Capital Fund, Environmental Chemical, Aegis, Wall Street, Parsons, L3 Communications, AM General, etc...); but once again, he is doing so without any democratic justification or authority from Congress.

When 31% of all eligible voters chose President Obama in 2008, they did so believing he was a dove not a war hawk. They believed instead of wasting trillions of dollars on wars and destroying the environment with toxic bombs, that President Obama instead would end our imperialistic ways all around the globe and concentrate on the numerous domestic problems we have here in America that directly impact American lives. Such as a horrific economic system that leaves over 50% of our citizens unable to be financially autonomous for the length of their lives without government support, an education system interested in profits instead of educating, a health care system that is not affordable even after the ridiculous and business friendly ACA, along with rotting infrastructure that directly puts American lives in harm's way on a daily basis. How wrong were we?

Instead, that 31% who voted for President Obama in 2008 either woke-up and realized the error of their way, or they became part of the 29% of all eligible voters that ignorantly voted in President Obama for a second term. Over the past six years, President Obama has not only revealed himself the opposite of a Progressive and even a Liberal Democrat, but exposed something vile and ugly, he revealed he is a warlord, who believes civil liberties are something he has ultimate jurisdiction over and that human rights have no place in his mind or coal like heart.

We learned that he oversaw torture of numerous people, killed American citizens and their children without any valid justification from the public in faraway places, intimidated and prosecuted journalists both home and abroad, and has lied numerous times to the American public directly, especially when it came to the 4th Amendment violating NSA spying programs, which forced private companies to hand over personal data of their American customers without a legitimate reason.

I'm no fan of President Bush, but at least he sought Congressional approval for the wars he has engaged in, President Obama, not so much. Waging numerous military operations in Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and a totally disastrous proxy war in the Ukraine, while continuing military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, President Obama has gone full hawk, making Dick Cheney look like some sort of free-loving pacifist.

Since the warlord Obama has been in office, thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians have perished, including hundreds upon hundreds of children, all in our names using our tax dollars. Perhaps it is time for The Hague International Criminal Court to do a two-for-one, and bring up President Bush and President Obama on international war crimes - especially since our citizens here at home are lost in a fog of ignorance and compliance, and no longer have a functioning moral ethos.

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