Self-Help or Self-Abuse?

Sexy Albert Einstein
Sexy Albert Einstein
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who owns Albert Einstein's publicity rights, is suing General Motors Co. for the unauthorized use of the dead physicist's image in an ad for its GMC Terrain. The ad reads "Ideas are sexy too." | Photo: General Motors | Link | Albert Einstein, Sexy, Abs, Topless, Moustache, Gray, Grey, Smart,

As always, you'll pay any price in the world for hope

Last night I was watching the movie Red Eye, and they had a discussion of one of Oprah's favorite leased pets, Dr. Swill. It was the usual nonsense but I got to thinking, why not cover some of the self-help basics because people generally don't know anything.

So, what is the one mammoth, ball-breaking, towering, stone-cold, undeniable fact at the heart of all self-help that blows all of it right out of the water? Hmm? Let's put on our thinking caps. Hmm? What is it?

Well, like a number of institutions it idiotically assumes that all people are the same, equal. Therefore if John can achieve something, so can you, because you're equal to John. If you'll just try harder, employ the good old Christian work ethic you too can achieve miraculous results just like our Johnny boy!!! One of the central tenets is the comparison, always the comparison to others. Oh people, you are really something. Is there anything in this world that you believe that isn't simply a comforting-giving lie? Anything?

One of the main reasons the religions and the politicians and the social engineers and the self-help crowd is so freaked up is because they all idiotically, but comfort-givingly(sic) assume that all human beings are equal. Ready? Here's the truth. Nobody is equal. Nobody could be equal. It's genetically impossible. For that matter no animals are equal either. All absolute nonsense. Are you the same as Albert Einstein? Michael Jordan? John Kennedy? Of course not. The self-helpers and the pols and the religious all employ the myth of equality because it suits whatever they happen to be selling you.

Perhaps, and I only say perhaps, this was acceptable back in the 40's or even the 50's as people in those days believed the myth that people were either products of their environments or their upbringing (but even then they'd still all be different anyway). Perhaps 50 years ago, they had an excuse, but not today. It's all genetics baby cakes. Your body, your physical being, your metal capacity, it's all genetics man. Twin studies proved it. In fact, many scientists today refer to us as mere "meat robots" that have absolutely "NO" free will, no choice. Did you get that "NONE." As we are built and operated by our genes we are merely meat robots that think they have free will. Don't like it? Of course you don't. You want to believe you can transform yourself into anything, at any time, that you're magical, that life is magical, that it has endless possibilities. Wrong again.

Back to this equality myth. Do you realize that it is only because people aren't equal that they had to enact laws that say that we mustn't discriminate against people in the workplace and we mustn't discriminate against people within the law. If people were actually equal, these laws would be unnecessary. They only exist because all human beings are patently unequal to begin with.

This delusion is really based and starts with religion. The notion that all men are created equal. Then it gets co-opted into our government, our constitution, the "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." Well the only small problem with that is that any time somebody says something is self-evident, it is simply his own biased viewpoint that can't be empirically proven, so he calls it self-evident and hopes you're stupid enough to go along with that silly shibboleth. Next up, we weren't "created" we simply crawled up out of the ooze on the ground like a larger type of upright cock-a-roach (sic). Next if we evolved up out of the slime, how could we magically all end up identical? Hmm? You'd have to be an idiot or a child to believe that (That's why 99% of the people believe it).

Dalai Lama and Russell Brand
Dalai Lama and Russell Brand

His Holiness Dalai Lama tugs Host Russell Brand's beard whilst giving a series of talks examining the relationship between heart and mind at Dalai Lama: Real Change Happens In The Heart at MEN Arena on June 16, 2012 in Manchester, England. | Photo: Shirlaine Forrest |
So, this is why, the religions and the politics and all the self-help junk is doomed because one of their central premises is cockamamie. You can never achieve what others can achieve, you can only achieve what you can achieve. You have to get lucky before you're born and either be born with the talent, the brains or born into the right family (The Kennedy's as an example). All studies, all science, all common sense, just merely using your own feeble little senses will tell you that all of humanity is vastly different.

So, you go to the local self-help guru and you're in there with 10 other people. He challenges you to do what the others are doing, achieve what they are achieving. But this is nonsense. They are all built differently than you are, they all have different assets. Their minds are different, their brains are different, their bodies are different , their energy level is different, their motivational level ls is different, (and yes, this is attributable to genetics too) to name only a few areas. How can you compete? You can't, absolutely can not. They only reason self-help is such a mammoth enterprise is that just like the religions or just like the politicians, it offers a measure of hope. You can change, you can transform yourself, if you just work hard enough. And in that sense the whole self-help movement is extremely cruel, as it makes you into a failure, a loser, if you fail to achieve what you most likely could never achieve to begin with. Do the money-hungry self-help gurus care?

My final word will be this. I don't want to turn this into a book. Most all of this self-help crapola is based around things you can't see, like your attitude, your brains, your so-called success. But let's monitor at least one area of self-help that one can actually measure with their own eyes. The weight loss, diet industry, diet -guru field. These creatures have been stoking the fires in fatso-land now for some 50 years. What has been accomplished? Hmm? Well we all know the answer. More fatsoes per square acre than ever before. 66% of population overweight, 33% obese. So with the intervention of the diet-self help gurus and all the raised awareness, TV shows, books, obesity is at it's all time worst. It's the same with every other aspect of the self help crapola. That's the reality, ignore it at your own peril. One last caveat-In some cases, some people can be helped-but only a little-not too much. It's nothing like the major transformations promised by mindless gurus like Dr. Swill, Orca and their rancid ilk.

P.S. Self-abuse was a polite term for masturbation many years ago.

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