United in Fear

Isis Execution
Isis Execution
An execution of civilian June 12, 2014 by ISIS. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (alternatively translated as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), abbreviated as ISIL or ISIS, is an active Jihadist militant group and unrecognized state in Iraq and Syria influenced with Wahhabi movement. | Photo: Associated Press | Link | Isis, Iraq, Syria, Execution,

Irrational fears dominating policy

Congress has recently voted to continue wars in the Middle East that never have had their authority to begin with, and to also arm the so-called "good" rebels in Syria, who will, in theory, fight ISIS/ISIL on our behalf. Never mind that these so-called "good" rebels have beheaded numerous folks, captured and sold off journalists to ISIS/ISIL, and have formed a truce with ISIS/ISIL to not fight one another; ignoring all of that, our Congress, mongering fear and another for-profit war have decided, without any democratic justification, to start another unnecessary conflict.

Yes, I'm aware radical elements of terrorist groups want to harm the American people, and our probably trying to sneak into the country at this very moment to do just that. I'm also aware that every day while driving I may be killed in a car accident, but I haven't contacted my local representatives to wage a war on bad drivers. I may get cancer, which is currently more likely to occur than being attacked by a terrorist, yet our representatives in Congress seem hell-bent on promoting filthy energy and filthy industries contributing to those chances of getting cancer.

But when it comes to the incredibly remote possibility, as in less likely to occur than winning the lottery, of being attacked by some dipshit coward terrorist, no wall is too high for the government to scale in order to "protect" us. In fact, they have now spent over $1.5 trillion dollars on the war on terror. Do you have any idea the progression our country could have made if that money was used for universal education, single-payer health care, or just flat out given away to each of the 114 million households in America?

What could you do with over $13,000, which would be your per household share of those wasted resources? Would you build a wall around yourself to protect you from the infinitesimal chance of being attacked by a terrorist? Or would you use that money to advance your own welfare and improve the quality of your life?

Has the war on terror improved the quality of your life? Did losing our privacy, our rights, and being treated as guilty criminals at the airport or in any other public facility improved the quality of our lives?

Probably not, yet according to corporate media polls, which I don't give much credence too, our nation seems composed of a bunch of irrational scaredy-cats, who want to attack ISIS/ISIL with drones and more war. That's not the America I remember growing up in, or even the one portrayed in the movies and throughout our culture, I thought this was the land of the brave, not the petrified.

Listening to morons like Lindsay Graham or John McCain would reveal our so-called "leaders" are shaking in their designer shoes, and instead of showing true leadership and strength, they much rather resort to chicken-hawk warfare.

Why not take a radically different approach, why not invite the terrorists here, after all, we have more guns and armed people here than just about any other place on earth, let us have it out with these so-called terrorists, and let us show them we don't fear them or their moronic and incoherent fundamentalist ideologies. If we take away the one thing they are actually good at, promoting fear, they'll become a bunch of silly looking toothless opponents, merely saber-rattling in black bed sheets.

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