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Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby is a chain of retail arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, formerly called Hobby Lobby Creative Centers. CEO David Green has taken a public stance against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because of its inclusion of a provision mandating that companies provide access to the morning-after pill. | Photo: Getty Images | Link | Hobby Lobby, Obamacare, Birth Control, Pill, Controversy ,

Ridiculous Laws Lead to Ridiculous Outcomes

I'm not a fan of the Supreme Court's ruling to allow Hobby Lobby to practice their "religious freedoms" in the workplace. I thought the decision was not only bizarre and moronic, but would lead to the unsavory reality that we are slowly turning our non-secular society into a secular one, with the government leading the way.

Enter Khilaf Krafts, located in Dearborn, Michigan, my hometown. Since the Christian majority on the Supreme Court thought it was apropos to allow family business owners the right to enforce their religious views upon their employees, the Muslim-family-owned business, Khilaf Krafts, has followed their lead by forcing their female employees (even Christian ones) to wear hijabs (the traditional Muslim head piece) while working at their place of business.

Of course the religious-right head's blew-up upon hearing the news and everyone from Breitbart to Fox News has been up in arms about that revelation, but this is what they get for supporting the Hobby Lobby decision in the first place.

Just imagine when the jerks from the Saudi "kingdom" start buying up companies here in America, and start forcing people to pray to Allah or be fired. What if ISIS/ISIL abandons killing people, and instead pick-up buying American businesses in order to convert those forced into the labor market to practice their warped viewed of the Islamic religion while on the clock.

What happens when Rastafarians start forcing their employees to use marijuana while at work, how will the federal government handle that conflict of interest (since marijuana is still illegal on the federal level)? I know the morons on the Supreme Court never gave thought to such things, their dinosaur logic dominated by corporate and religious interests probably kept their view narrowly focused on the promotion of "family values" from the Christian right, but here we are today, and now Christians are forced to act as Muslims (at least while at work).

The irony is so bittersweet, as someone who personally despises religious rhetoric, I can't help but smile when I hear about religions (most likely not included in the Supreme Court's calculations) use the law to enforce their own religious views on non-religious laborers or laborers who practice an opposing religion.

But where has that decision taken our country? Soon, gays and people living with the opposite sex while not married will be banned from entering stores because it violates the owner's religious views. Perhaps Muslim owned gas stations will stop serving anyone not willing to attest their allegiance to Allah. One thing is for sure, when we violate the very essence of our Republic by legislating secular laws on our citizens, our country will only regress, but that seems to be the point for religious fundamentalists - they wish to take us back to the dark ages, before people questioned the legitimacy and authority of their fairy tales.

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