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Muslims against ISIS

As Islamic State extremists call for random murders throughout Europe in Allah's name, the continent's Muslims are hitting back with mass peace demonstrations and a Twitter campaign to say "not in my name".

From Norway in the far north to Germany and France, Muslims have taken to the streets to denounce the IS jihadists controlling large areas of Iraq and Syria who they say have hijacked their religion and terminology to spread hate and breed violence.

The IS group are "terrorists and murderers who drag Islam into the dirt and bring hatred and suffering to the people, including to their own fellow Muslims, in Syria, in Iraq and elsewhere," said Aiman Mazyek, chairman of Germany's central council of Muslims.

Along with other Muslim groups, Mazyek's council organised last week a day of prayers and rallies across Germany, which is home to around four million Muslims, mainly with Turkish roots.

Similar marches have taken place in Norway and Denmark under the banner "say no to the (non) Islamic State."

Other Muslims have taken to social media to combat the Islamic State group, which itself has used Twitter effectively to recruit potential recruits.

The London-based Active Change Foundation has started a hashtag campaign #notinmyname that has spread rapidly across Twitter.

"Tell the world that ISIS are the real enemies of Islam. It's nothing to do with us," says the group on its website, using an alternative name for IS, alongside videos of young Muslims holding placards with the slogan.

"Tell ISIS that they can't murder in your name."

As well as standing up against the horrors of IS, Muslim groups across Europe are taking measures to try to prevent their youth -- misguided they say -- from travelling to Syria and Iraq in their thousands to wage jihad.

In Sweden for example, a volunteer group has set up an Internet and telephone hotline for people to alert authorities if they suspect a friend or relative has been radicalised.

French Muslims issued a clarion call in a "Paris appeal" for young people "not to get their battles mixed up."

"The real jihad is not in Syria or Iraq, it is in France: it's the battle for integration, for social success, to live together," said Anouar Kbibech, president of a group representing 550 mosques.

The video caption:
A group of young British Muslims have joined the fight back against Islamic State militants with a video and social media campaign.

After the murder of David Haines and kidnapping of Alan Hemming, the East London-based group Active Change Foundation decided to voice their anger.

They set up the #notinmyname campaign to spread the word that British Muslims reject IS, its ideology and actions and to show that IS do not represent the Islamic faith or the Muslim community.

Hanif Qadir, founder of ACF. said: "The murder of an innocent man has no justification in any religion or walk of life.

"These terrorists ISIS are not true Muslims, they do not practice the true teachings of Islam; peace, mercy and compassion and they are the enemy of all mankind."

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