An American Jihadist

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Homeward bound: Part Two

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Is it clear to you yet that Allah is truly on our side? Can you see that the bombs you drop from your airplanes are doing nothing of consequence? Are you ready to accept the fact that despite your cowardly attacks on us with drones and airplanes flying high overhead, that The Caliphate, The Islamic State, continues to grow? Indeed, as each day passes, our numbers surpass what they were the day before. As each day passes, the land which makes up The Caliphate continues to expand. As each day passes, more and more of the world's faithful, God-fearing Muslims continue to make the hijra, the migration, to The Islamic State, which with the help of Allah, has finally been established. Truly, as each day passes, our worldwide, God-ordained domination grows!

You try to weaken, degrade and defeat us by cowardly acts, but they only make us stronger. With every bomb you drop from high above, our strength, resilience, and courage grows. You see, we do not run away from hardships and suffering like most of the world. The opposite is true for us. We hope for hardships and suffering, because we know the more difficult the situation is, the closer we are to God. We do not strive for a life of comfort and happiness in the present-day here and now. That is the path chosen by narcissistic, shallow, god-hating infidel pigs. Instead, we focus our efforts on living a life of sacrifice, making each day on earth one that prepares us for the eternal bliss that awaits us in the afterlife, in Paradise.

This is why we - the American Jihadists - are not deterred or scared by the threat of being captured or killed by the foolish American FBI or CIA. They make statements about how they "know who we are", and how they "are tracking our movements" as we travel in and out of America, thinking that such things scare us. Yet this mindset, in and of itself, reveals just how utterly asinine they truly are.

Of course we know that they know who we are and where we are. Of course we know that they are able to ascertain our identity and precise location from the videos we make of ourselves and post on the internet for the entire world to see. We are not hiding from these idiots at all. We are not hiding because we have no reason to be scared. Because our eyes and gaze remain sighted in and locked upon one thing and one thing only - the eternal Paradise that awaits us in the afterlife - there is absolutely nothing in this life that we fear at all. There is literally absolutely nothing at all that strikes the smallest note of fear in our souls. Nothing can deter us from our mission to rid the world of all god-hating, infidel pigs; to continue to see the Caliphate, the Islamic State, grow stronger; and, ultimately, to take this Jihad, this holy-war, back to America so that justice can be served on the Great Satan by the hands of Allah.

The risk of being captured, tortured, imprisoned, and even killed does not deter us from remaining entirely committed to the cause of Allah.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the God-ordained leader of The Caliphate, said in his only public appearance since the establishment of the Islamic State: "Indeed, God is powerful and exalted in might, and in combat with the enemies of God, He granted [His followers] success, and empowered them to fulfill their purpose. And if you desire what God has promised, then set out in jihad for His cause."

As for me, I have chosen to embrace this calling, and to set out in jihad for the cause of Allah: a jihad that ultimately will take me - an American Jihadist - homeward bound.

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