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Are we even trying to fix racial issues in America?

If you're Caucasian and living in America today, you must reconcile yourself to a basic fact of life: you are a racist. It is a truth brought to us by that ever-illogical philosophy of political correctness. We are reaching the point nowadays where you could have marched with Martin Luther King, Jr., facing down fire hoses, attack dogs, and even Bull Connor himself, but if your skin is white, then you harbor an intrinsic hatred for people of other skin colors.

Tension and violence have been on ongoing in Ferguson, MO for months after Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown. While the grand jury is still being presented with evidence and testimony as they consider whether to indict Officer Wilson for murder, the word from the protesters is that if Wilson is not charged, there will be blood in the streets.

During this ongoing controversy, there have been many mentions made of the racial makeup of the Ferguson City Council and the Ferguson police force. The assumption is that, for a town primarily populated with African-Americans, there should be more African-Americans in both of these bodies...but if you ask the questions of how many African-Americans have chosen to run for the City Council, or how many African-Americans have met the qualifications and applied to be on the police force, well, you're a racist.

The Department of Justice has started going after schools for "disproportionate" punishing of minority children...because when disciplinary action is taken in our schools, it should be taken based on racial quotas, not based on which children are causing disruptions in the classroom. I'm sure someday soon, we will reach a time where schools are not allowed to punish children for any bad behavior simply because they have reached the quota for disciplinary action for students of that particular skin color. Let's just wait and see how well our schools are able to perform once these policies are taken to their illogical conclusion.

A law was recently enacted in California which restricts correctional officers from locking down inmates based on their skin color. This is complete insanity. It used to be that if white inmates were causing trouble in a prison, then the white inmates would get locked down. If Hispanics were causing trouble, then Hispanics across the prison would be locked down...and so on. Prison gangs don't tend toward a high rate of racial diversity, so these policies make perfect sense. You don't see a lot of white boys in MS-13, just like you don't see a lot of Hispanics in the Aryan Brotherhood. But in the name of political correctness, the State of California would rather put correctional officers' lives at risk, lest some inmate's feelings get hurt because he was racially profiled.

Heck, according to The Denver Post, the architecture at Denver's newly-remodeled Union Station is racist because too many white people, and too few minorities go there.
The present restoration harkens back to Union Station at its height, in the first half of a 20th century when many Americans suffered the social indignity and economic disadvantage of a segregated America. Denver's neighborhoods, parks, schools and social amenities were divided sharply by race. Denver's branch of the Ku Klux Klan, one mayor a member, kept things in their place.

So because the restoration "hearkens back" to Denver's past, it must be a subliminal hearkening back to the days of the Klan? Seriously? It takes a special kind of stupid to think that just because people of a certain skin color go (or don't go) to a certain place, then even the place itself is racist...yet this is what our society is becoming - a major city can't even renovate a train station without being accused of racism.

It used to be that many Americans had a goal: to get past skin color, and to treat people like people, regardless of race. Instead, we have become a hyper-sensitive culture obsessed with race. Rather than being "cowards," as Attorney General Eric Holder put it, we can't seem to stop talking about race, so one side of the debate has decided to twist the conversation so that anyone who disagrees with them is the face of evil itself - especially if their skin is a different color.

Racial tensions in America will never improve as long as Americans make villains out of other Americans based solely on skin color. It is unfortunate for all of us that so many in our nation have turned a search for equality into a search for revenge.

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