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The one's you place on yourself.

According to polls (Ramussen & Gallup), the majority of people do not like the governance we receive, the system in which we receive it, and the people we receive it from.

That's a very rare thing, to have so many Americans agreeing on one topic with such cohesion. That tells me this market of voters is being denied the products and services they wish to receive when it comes to their governance. But, if asked why they have not done anything to change this reality, they'll place voluntary hurdles in front of their votes for third party candidates that represent the change they seek.

People will say third party candidates never win, so why vote for them, it's a waste...third-party candidates are not "serious" candidates, and should not be trusted with a public seat in office. Others, merely do not understand the viewpoints or platforms of other third parties (Libertarian, Green Party, Socialist Party, Tea Party, etc....), so they don't vote for the unknown. Some believe voting for a third party candidate is a vote for the worse establishment candidate over the other establishment candidate, as many wrongfully believed with Ralph Nader in the 2000 election.

But, if we don't personally take the responsibility to change that which we have expressed we do not desire, who else can we blame for the ills of our governance? If you cannot vote for your own interests without feeling as if that is a waste, you have been bamboozled.

What magical mechanism is going to create change within the government if it does not arrive by vote from the masses? When we have 30-40% of the population not participating, and another 20% merely voting along party lines regardless of their own self-interests, nothing is likely to change. If we keep voting for the same failed policies regardless if they come in a blue or red wrapper, why would we expect those polices to start working?

The midterms will leave our Congress in the hands of the Republican party once more, doing the same thing we did from 1995-2004, when the Republicans controlled Congress. To truly break this cycle requires an abandonment of the establishment parties, who are beholden to special interests. Most of us know this, yet we continue to vote for political parties we already disapprove of and who do not represent our interests - how illogical.

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