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John Boehner
John Boehner
John Andrew Boehner, born November 17, 1949, is the 61st Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. A member of the Republican Party, he is the U.S. Representative from Ohio's 8th congressional district, serving since 1991. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich | John Boehner, Republican, Speaker Of The House, Ohio,

Time for the GOP to prove itself.

When Congress passed the CROmnibus bill (Continuing Resolution/Omnibus = CROmnibus), many conservatives were incensed, myself included. Many on the Right have been working hard to show America what a horrible law the Affordable Care Act is. Republicans in Congress have tried again and again to stop the bill, but with Democrats controlling the Senate and the White House, all attempts thus far have failed. Likewise, the president's recent unconstitutional actions to provide de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants have been widely criticized.

So when the Republican leadership passed this continuing resolution, funding Obamacare and the amnesty until next September, many on the right felt betrayed (again, myself included). But there may be another game afoot.

If Republicans had pushed through a continuing resolution that defunded Obamacare and/or President Obama's amnesty, it would have floundered in the Senate, the government would have "shut down," at least, as much as government ever shuts down, which isn't really that much, and we would have entered yet another contentious blame-game, no doubt with the Democrats once again engineering very public consequences of those evil, extremist terrorists in the Republican Party. Their media allies would get on board, and we'd spend our Christmas debating who is more evil - the Statist Democrats, or the Terrorist Republicans.

This is not to excuse the $1.1 Trillion spending bill. Republicans are championing some cuts that made it through in the CROmnibus, including cuts to the EPA and the IRS, and while this is definitely a small step in the right direction, any politician who votes in favor of $1.1 Trillion for a year's worth of spending should be ashamed, because our nation cannot afford it.

As Republicans expand their majority in the House and take the majority in the Senate in January, there will be a lot going on in Washington. For the past several years, as Democrats have thrown around the accusation of "do-nothing" at Congressional Republicans ad nauseum, Republicans in the House have been passing bills - bills that would help job creation, help our economy, and undo some of the damage done with Congress and the White House under Democrat control.

Since he took office, President Obama has vetoed only two bills. Six years and only two vetoes, because until now, the president has had Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled Senate watching his back. It didn't matter how many bills Congress voted on, if the Democrats didn't like them, they would die in the Senate.

This January, the Reid Roadblock will be removed, and bills will start landing on President Obama's desk. His insulation gone, President Obama will be forced to take action - to either sign the bills, or veto them.

Among other bills coming up early next year is funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which includes the funding needed for President Obama's unconstitutional amnesty. This will be the true test. If Boehner, McCarthy, and Scalise push a bill that fully funds DHS, including funding for Obama's amnesty, then it's Game Over for the GOP. Likewise, if they don't push back against Obamacare and stop the destruction it is doing to our economy, conservatives won't, and shouldn't place any faith in the Republican Party any longer, and the ongoing GOP infighting will lead to a mass defection, as conservatives seek alternative parties that will actually fight for conservative values.

There are few things more lame than a lame-duck Congress, but 2015 will truly be a new year, and it will be the year for Republicans to either show that they will stand up for conservatism, or prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that money and power are the only true rulers of our Republic.

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