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Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart (born September 13, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. Apple garnered international acclaim for her 1996 debut album, Tidal, which was a critical and commercial success. She received a Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for the single "Criminal" from that album in 1998. | Photo: | Fiona Apple, Singer, Music, Songwriter, Sexy, Thin, Pot,

Every Single Night

Fiona Apple started life on 13 September 1977 in New York City. Her full name is Fiona Apple Murphy Maggart, but was shortened to accommodate for it as a stage name. Her stage name is Fiona Apple. People with her kind of talent are most often born with it, and do not become mainstream artists, but forge their way in the alternative stream. Her music is meant for the discerning listener and for the true fan.

As a singer, and pianist, she has written many great lines (lyrics) and put those to music. The particular song, 'Every Single Night,' is artistically, and dramatically done, and it displays her talent for singing even more so. Even though it has minimal music arrangement, it captures the soul of the words she expresses in the song. This song, and most of her other work demand the listener with a discerning ear. It Is not about the hype, and striving for the awards, but of words and music creating a relationship with her audiences. If there are awards, it follows the commitment to the arts.

She has a husky voice that is driven by her piano music, which is not particularly evident in 'Every Single Night.' She does, however, have great control over her voice. The reason for the song, as well as its videography, could be in reference to the fact that she was raped early in her life, and this song is almost a therapy to her soul. Getting rid of the pain, which is 'every single night's a fight.' The video expresses the drama of the song and clearly indicates the battle in the mind and the heart of the ordeal.

The spineless animals in the video, is also an indication of the kind of people who would rape young girls. Many might not agree with this analogy, but it makes sense, especially with the incredible pain experienced by such an act, both in mind and spirit. The video also gave Fiona Apple the ability to display her dramatic side, coupled with her singing talent. It is very different to her other work, as this was written outside of her label's jurisdiction. What that mean is that she wrote the song without their knowledge. It was, however, recorded, and listened to by the avid followers. Her fans have an understanding of her music and, hence, it makes it possible for her to express herself more freely.

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