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A 21st Century Nuisance

One of the most alarming problems with shifting to having systemic services reliant upon computers connected to a network - is computer hackers. Hackers from the government, from other governments, from terrorist organizations, from criminal organizations, or just a bunch of losers looking to involve themselves in other people's private lives uninvited (aka creeps) - the bottom line is that there are a lot of hackers in this world.

Some hackers claim to be for the people, yet they seldom release any of this "damning" information they supposedly have from their hacking activities. Instead, they've released nude photos (which is creepy and a violation of other people's rights), or they'll release financial information of mega-celebrities, also useless and a violation of those celebrities' personal financial information. What they haven't done is release anything to strengthen our community, to improve governance, or to expose violations of our civil liberties for the most part.

This is not to discount the fact that some hackers do occasionally work with journalists to do just that, but lately, they haven't done anything publicly that would be considered in the public good - which brings me to the latest public hacking episode against Sony and Microsoft.

A non-stop hack-attack has been waged since about December 22nd on Sony and Microsoft, disrupting their services on their very popular gaming systems.

During a time of year when hard working folks, spend lots of hard earned dollars, to give gifts to their children so they can play and enjoy themselves, one would think only the Grinch would want to hack away Christmas video game playing for millions of children/teens/ and young adults across the world - but that is exactly what Lizard Squad (the alleged group behind this), has achieved by being a bunch of Holiday a-holes.

What great message was being sent by doing such a thing for this hacking organization?

What public good was performed by ruining the fun millions of children had planned with their friends and family over the Holiday recess?

If this is the new face of hacking, then the government is going to find many more folks willing to sacrifice a free internet for more secured networks. It will also give the government more backing to regulate the internet, and soon, because of giant a-hole hackers not doing anything in the public good, the internet will become more expensive, vastly less useful, and under the control of governments from around the globe.

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