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Afghan Girl
Afghan Girl
An Afghan girl takes a short cut through a streaming river on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. Temperatures in Kabul have risen to 27 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit), bringing children out to play in streams. | Photo: Anja Niedringhaus | Link | Afghanistan, War, Children, Military, Danger, Girl, Beach, Temperature, Hot, Weather,

Leave my name out of it

The entire world is at the end of another year, 2014. Whether you believe in me or not, after all you have a free will, if you at least wished someone a Happy Holiday or wished for them some happiness as the year came to a close, you have participated in the spirit of love and the spirit of giving.

2015 is a new year and for many the desire for a fresh start, a new beginning. You may be one of those millions who writes or ponders about New Year's resolutions, a list of commitments, desires and wishes that usually mean you will be better than you were the year before or that you desire to accomplish something special by the end of 2015 and hopefully beyond.

It is my New Year's resolution, my wish; my infinite desire is that you include one more vision on the quest to be better than you were the year or perhaps years before. I implore that for your love of God, or love of life, or love of humanity, you leave my name out of any and every excuse you have to be angry, to attack physically, verbally or even worse, to sadly go as far as to hate another human being.

I have given you free will and you have thoughtlessly used my name to justify all your deplorable, some may even say, evil actions. Day after day, year after year, century after century I have watched you behave so horribly towards one another. Think about it, if I am so omnipotent, do I really need you to inflict pain on another person or group of people for your own personal gains? When you really think about it, really, really, in your heart think about it, you would have to say no.

I can create a hurricane, an earth quake, a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, hey I apparently even created you, or do you really think Mother-Nature and I are different? Or do you foolishly think I am of one gender or another? The things you think about to get through the day...

Shall we go down memory lane and review the history humanity has left behind to justify actions that no one would dare repeat today? In the sixteenth century, yes sixteenth century, I can go back further, but I thought recent history was best. The Puritans were one of the earliest settlers of the United States and they honestly believed that the entire planet, amazing when you think about it, the entire planet was their home and property. They used my name to justify owning the planet. They used their belief in me to destroy and kill Native Americans.

Is the sixteenth century too long ago to wrap your brain around?
We all know how egregiously the name of God has been used to justify slavery; slavery of the past and slavery today. My name has been used to give permission to own people, destroy families, sell children and rape and abuse women, all because the abusers of my name believed they had a God given right to the ownership of people. Does any sane person believe that today? It is unthinkable.

Katherine Cathey and her husband
Katherine Cathey and her husband

Todd Heisler won the Pulitzer Prize for this photo where, on the night before the burial of her husband, Katherine Cathey asked to sleep next to his body for the last time. The Marines made a bed for her and one of the Marines asked if she wanted them to continue standing watch as she slept. "I think that's what he would have wanted" she said. | Photo: Todd Heisler | Katherine Cathey, Todd Heisler, Pulitzer Prize, Soldier, War, Loss, Death, Sorrow,

I enjoy the works of Ken Burn's; yes I find the time to watch your pop culture. It is interesting, although watching all of you should be entertainment enough, but what can I say? I am proud of Ken. I am most proud of how he has used the gifts that have been given to him and I have enjoyed his documentaries very much. His most recent achievement, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, featured a very successful business owner. Now stop, I am not impugning all business owners, and certainly not the Roosevelts. It featured a business owner who proudly stated that he had a right to abuse his laborers since I, God, had supposedly entrusted him with the success of his business. Therefore he had the right to be cruel. Where do people get these ideas in their heads? Does anyone think, um, the Devil?!!

Does it ever shake the core of your being that women in the United States have only begun to be treated, and I mean begun to be treated, as equal citizens, just a mere fifty-four years ago? Prior to the 1960s my name was used as an excuse to treat women as property. My name was used as an excuse to deprive women of the vote, of inheriting property, of purchasing property, of being employed, and far more indignities than we have time for in this article.

There are sadly more examples throughout time. Not too long ago a politician stated that God caused a hurricane and that justified why the public should vote for her. How small and sad it is that when there is a hurricane it should be understood as some petty reason for a vote and not for the multitude of earthly needs far beyond her comprehension. She never took a moment to consider all the elements of the earth, including land, which affects trees, flowers, insects, animals and more, and only thought of herself without compassion for the people affected by the hurricane. It was time for her voice to be heard and she used my name to justify her anger to try and sway a vote.

Even more recently, a popular radio host stated that skin color was an excuse to prevent one person from entertaining another. Seriously, a fiction character can't be played by multiple examples of humanity? Another small minded example!

Good Conscience
Good Conscience

We can only sell it in good conscience as long as you promise to use it for peace and never for war. | Photo: Mr. Fish |
I created love, so what gives anyone the right to deny love? One would argue that it is in the Bible. Have you ever, ever read the bible in its original language? How would you ever know if the translation you have read is an honest translation of the original?

The story of Romeo and Juliet sings to every culture and every language, and that includes Romeo and Romeo, and Juliet and Juliet. Love is love, is love. Love is love, and anything that promotes hate or prejudice I would certainly question, because history is filled with examples of how the Bible has been misused to justify false and erroneous claims.

Every day around the world my name, the name of God, is used to promote and perpetuate hate, anger, and abuse. A young woman is shot because she wants an education, a humanitarian is killed because he wanted to help people in the Middle East, doctors are killed when they offer to help treat an infectious disease. Their motives are twisted into fear, a woman is abused just for walking down the street and a group of men believe they have the right to attack her, a child is killed because there are too many in the family or it is not the right sex or color. The list goes on. The rain of tears that flow to your ground will never embrace the sadness I feel from the horror you create.

In every religion, there is a mandate, and that is free will. You have the free will to love and you have the free will to hate. It has been centuries, centuries, and you still don't get it. Humanity is about love, all of humanity, from all walks of life, no matter what spiritual belief you hold, it is all one humanity, truly one infinite energy, truly one God, the God of your free will, the God inside your hearts.

You are welcome to worship me in various forms, from all countries and all different walks of life, from the west to the east, from the south to the north, but don't use me as an excuse to kill, rape and pillage people who are the children I created because they are different.

Leave my name out of all the behaviors that one would associate with evil, like your excuses to have a war and kill people. Whatever happened to Thou Shalt not Kill? I don't ever remember writing, but..... or except when...

Let go of hating people because they speak differently, love another human being differently, or have a skin color that is different. Leave my name out of every excuse you have to hate. If I created everything, have some respect. Never, ever, use my name as a scapegoat to be cruel to a child. Leave my name out of every single derogatory name you would give a child, like bastard, illegitimate, half breed, or anything else sad or horrible you would say to a child.

For the love of God, leave my name out of it!

Happy New Year to you all, and my eternal wishes for a very special, and I mean special, 2015.

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