The Petraeus Rules

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden
Edward Joseph Snowden (born 1983) is an American technical contractor, whistleblower and former United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA). Snowden released classified material on top-secret NSA programs including the PRISM surveillance program to the press. | Photo: J. Ramirez | Link | Edward Snowden, Cia, Nsa, Glee, Press, Russia, Traitor, Leak, Secret, Whistleblower,

Snowden would like access.

David Petraeus, former General of the U.S. Army, currently reached a favorable plea deal of no jail time, and a $40,000 fine for handing over classified information to his married mistress; which contained the names of covert operatives, strategies being used in the numerous fields of war by the United States, discussions with the President of the United States regarding National Security Council meetings, and other high-level leaks that pertained to diplomatic discussions.

Edward Snowden, released carefully parsed through documents by legitimate news agencies, which notified the United States citizens that they were having their civil liberties violated, were being denied a right to privacy, and revealing a gross overreach of government intrusion into the lives of innocent civilians, enough so to make Orwell blush.

Snowden was never offered two years probation, or a $40,000 fine, the government probably spent 100 times that amount trying to hunt Snowden down, and he would face the grim reality that other whistleblowers have faced (e.g., Chelsea Manning), which would include a lengthy prison sentence among other unpleasant things.

Edward Snowden never released the names of covert agents, if he did, the government would have probably assassinated him, so why the special rules in the Petraeus case? That double-standard is even more alarming when you consider Petraeus actively lied to the government agencies investigating this case back in 2012, but I doubt he'll be charged for making false statements, especially since he is barely being charged for releasing classified information, including the names of covert operatives.

Snowden, admitted to everything he did, and has not been found to be lying as far as we can tell. Perhaps the special rules for Petraeus exist because he is perceived as some sort of national hero, even a one-time possible running mate for Mitt Romney back in 2012; could you imagine if that turned out, the headlines would have been scandalous. "The Vice President has been caught leaking classified information, including the names of covert operatives, because of a sexual fling with a married woman..."

I guess we should not be surprised at all, the government takes care of its own when the government doesn't end up with egg on its face, or doesn't have to be held accountable for its actions. That is probably part of the reason why this slap on the wrist was gently released in the news cycle, without most folks noticing, or realizing the alarming double-standard in punishment, because it wasn't covered very much at all in the corporate media - especially when compared to how much media time was spent on covering Snowden, but I guess that's also just a part of the Petraeus Rules.

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